When to Apply for Google Adsense? Adsense Tips For Beginners

Adsense Tips For Beginners

Hello guys, welcome to my Techmenia blog, friends In this post of today, i will talking about the adsense tips for beginners to approval, when you create a blog after that you should apply for Google Adsense? And when it is okay to apply it. Most Of New Bloggers apply for adsense Immediately after making a blog, but do not do this. Why? Learn in this post.

Adsense Tips For Beginners

The Google Adsense blog is considered to be the best Ad Platform to get monetized, because its ads are very friendly, so users who visit our blog are not much harder. Because, on some blogs, you may have seen that there are some advertisements that are frequently disturbed by popups, and because of such advertisements users are also upset.

Making friends with a blog is not as difficult as it is difficult to get Google Adsense Approval, but they are not entirely true. But when a new blogger moves into the world of blogging, he is unaware of many things. He does not know when they apply for Adsense. So friends should know the answers to some questions with the help of this post.

If you are a new Blogger and you have not yet applied for Google Adsense, then read this post fully and you will definitely get help from this. And follow adsense tips for beginners.

When to Apply for Google Adsense After Creating a Blog?

If you have just created a new blog, then it is most important that you customize your blog well, that is, the layout, widgets or blogs you want to customize on your blog correctly. So that your blog looks good in Look.

Friends, I have told 5 Adsense Tips For Beginners, such Points that you have to do before applying for Google Adsense. After which you will get Approval very quickly and easily when you apply for Google Adsense. So let’s know.

1. Choose Responsive and Adsense Friendly Theme –

One of the most important things to create a Quality Blog is the theme of the blog, which you will have to choose by looking at the best. If your blog is on WordPress then there are many themes for it and if you are on Blogger then you can search online on Google There are free themes you can use.

To download Themes for Blogger, you can download from Gooyaabi Templates website and for WordPress, you get a lot of themes inside it.

2. Customize Your Blog Right –

After applying a good theme on the blog, it comes in its customization because as long as you do not decorate your blog i.e Customize. Then there is no benefit to being a good theme so your blog’s “Sidebar” and “Footer”, “Header” Whatever the things you have to set well

3. Pages Required To Be On Blog –

Keep in mind that if you already have “Privacy Policy”, “Contact Us”, “About Us” and already on your blog, then definitely add Pages like “Terms of Use”, which must have a page like Privacy Policy and Contact Us.

Tell you one more thing, according to the new GDPR rules that since 25th May 2018, you will now have to make pages like cookies policy or have to tell you about it so that your privacy policy page is very good Prepare from

4. Submit Your Blog to Google and the Rest of the Search Engine –

Getting the Most Adsense Approval Easier When Organic Traffic Is Already On Your Blog, So before Applying for Adsense, you should see that Organic Traffic is already coming to your blog.

If you already submit your blog to Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing by making a blog already by creating a blog, then your blog will start to have organic traffic sometime after which you can get your AdSense Approval soon, so this thing Keep in mind.

5. Keep Minimum 20 Posts in Advance –

Also be aware that when you are applying for Google AdSense, publish at least 20 or more posts on your blog, so that some traffic may come to your blog, because what the Maximum Users do is to create a blog After that they do not see this and apply for adsense, after which they take time to get Approval and many people do not even get it, so keep this in mind too.


So friends hope that my information must have come to your work and you have understood that when you create a blog. When will you apply for Google Adsense? By following the above things, you can find Adsense Approval easily and quickly. I have followed it several times. When you do this then you will realize that these tricks work.

You can comment for any kind of help or suggestion and ask for such information related to Blogging and Technology, Techmenia has been visiting the blog and connect with our Facebook Page. Thank you.

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