What Is Crypto Trading? How To Earn Money From This?

Earn Money From Crypto Trading

What is Crypto Currency Trading? How to Earn by Crypto Trading: Here we will talk about crypto currency trading, what’s the crypto trading? Buy money from trading companies.

Before this you should know about Crypto currency. Many questions like – What is Trading? When and how to tell it. Keep in mind the keys. When to buy and sell Coin What are its advantages and disadvantages and read the post till the last to learn some tips.

What is Crypto Trading? How to Earn Money From Trading – Beginners Tips:

Friends, you are reading this post, you will understand trading. If not, then we will tell that it means to get a profit or loss by putting money in certain things, currency etc.

Example: You make money in any item if its price is just 100 rupees and after one month it gets a price of 500 rupees, when you sell it then you will get a profit of 400 rupees.

Similarly, if the price of the item decreases to 50 rupees after 1 month then you will sell it, you will lose a loss of Rs. 50.

What is Crypto Currency Trading?

This is also like all other things like trading. The only difference is that the crypto currency is traded here. Today there is a lot of crypto currency available in the market, whose price decreases – increasing, which is traded between them.

In it, we have to buy and hold a crypto coin and whenever you get a big price, you can take advantage of selling it. It is completely dependent on you, which coin you want to buy or sell, or how long you want to hold.

There are many websites available for Crypto currency trading, these are the best “Poloniex”. Here you will be able to create your account and start online trading.

Top 7 Best Coin For Crypto Trading  2018:

Best top coins, whose future has a great chance of being good in 2018. Top 7 coins for long time profit –
Bitcoin, ETH (Ethereum), STEEM, DGB, DOGE, BURST, Ripple

 When, And How to Say Crypto Trading?

For Crypto coin trading you can market research first and read UP and DOWN chart sheet of all top currency prices and understand which will be the best way to invest. After this, start only.

If you are new to coin trading and invest in a coin, then now its value increases, which also makes you profit, but without any experience and information, there will be only a tinker and it will not work every time. .

To understand it correctly, contact a large trader and follow them to get a good result. In the beginning you should start from a few bucks by not putting more money so that you can afford to lose.

Today, seeing the enthusiasm of crypto currency online, many online trading platforms have come, these are platform websites, you can start a business by searching for a trusted site and creating your account on it.

Now a popular online website, ‘Poloniex’ is the best trading platform, you can try it by trading.

Use Coincap.io to see all crypto currency market prices.

Points To Remember Before Earn Money From Crypto Trading ?

You have to follow some rules for Earning Money From Crypto currency trading, you will be able to get the benefit by following the notes given below –

1. You do not want to put your entire money on a single coin, meaning that your trading weight is 1 bitcoin then apply 10% to 20% of your weight in any one coin and do not add more and invest the rest in different coins.

Because when you look at the price of a coin, you put all your money into it, that its value will increase, but this estimate is not entirely accurate.

Now if you see its price falling for 15-30 days, you will leave patience and sell it only in loss, which will cause you loss instead of profit. Nobody knows how much it can fall.

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On the contrary, if you buy 4 to 5 different types of coin through your weights, then you will take your profit wisely because at the same time the price of all the coins will not fall or grow. This reduces the risk, thus you will be able to earn crypto trading.

2. If you are new then you should not start trading just after entering crypto trading. First of all understand this, you have to create your account on online trading website ‘poloniex’. Here you can see all the coins with their chart sheet with buy, sell and trading.

Do not any trading for the first 30 days, do so by taking a pen and a copy, 30 days for every day, write the rates of all the coins and go to know which coin bigger or less and how many days have remained on the same level.

After 30 days you will start trading. You can create the chart below for 30 days.

Date: From the day we start.
Coin Name: Write the name of the coin on which you want to work.
Today Price: What is the price on that date, you can consider the morning price as a standard price.
Today Up: How big is the rate in 24 hours.
Today Down: How much is the rate dropped in 24 hours.

3. If you are new to this field then you have to increase your holding power by keeping your patience, then only you can crypto currency trading. Because when you buy a coin and if its rate decreases, you do not keep patience and sell it in loss.

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Like – you buy a coin in 50,000 but its price goes up to 40,000 and if you do not get a price of 30 to 50 days, then you can not keep it in loss and keep it hold.

If the coin related news, updated, and company’s manager are continuously improving their system in the market and the price has gone too high, in this situation there is a lot of chance to increase its price. Because when you lose patience while selling rate and selling it, its price starts to rise and the advantage is to the big traders, marketers.

Which Time To Buy or Sell Crypto Trading?

There is no definite time to buy or sell coins but you can take care of some things –
1. First of all, let us select the top crypto coin which has the potential to increase the rate in the future. We have also given the name of the top coin, you also market research.

2. The right time to buy when the price of the coin is low but be careful you should buy the same coin which has gone up to its high and also has the chance of increasing it.

3. If seen, all crypto coin rate according to bitcoin rate is higher and low is something – some depend on bitcoin price.

like –
1. When the rate of bitcoin grows too much in one to five days then the rate of all coin starts decreasing.

2. When the rate of bitcoin falls drastically in one to five days, the price of all other coin starts decreasing.

3 When the price of bitcoin gets stable then the rate of the other coin starts to rise.

Some Tips For Trading Secrets:

Trading is a very great profession. Many people work it on full time and earn very good money, so let’s talk about some secrets of trading that can be used by crypto trading to earn money.

1. Patience is very important in trading.

2. If you want to be a market professional trader then you will have to understand with one step a great deal.

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3. Do not start trading as soon as you can enter the trade, search the market properly and follow the master traders by following and gradually take the steps ahead to the bigger.

4. If you are new then do not put more than your capacity, and do not put the entire money in one coin.

5. You should put the money of the trading budget in some top coins.

6. Keep a watch on the market ahead of the big ones.

Profit And Loss:

Crypto trading involves both profit and loss, there is no fix in the past, just work through an estimate –


For this, the right knowledge and strategies of trading matter are important, with it you can earn good money by keeping some points in crypto trading. We have shared a lot of information in this post.


There is also a loss in trading but the risk can be changed from profit to a proper plan.


In Crypto Trading, it is very important for you to have patience and holdings as well as proper information. Put the money in Crypto trading as much as you can afford to afford it easily.
Large – This is the specialty of the big traders, so that they get good income from crypto currency trading. After some time you will also understand this game.

Friends Post this Post What is Crypto Trading ? Earn Money From Trading and has a lot to learn. If you have any idea about this information or any suggestions, then please comment on it and share it on social media.

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