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what is bounce rate

Hey Friends! I’m Manish Singh from Techmenia Blog. Many of my visitors are asking about what is Bounce Rate and how this bounce rate can reduce it. If you are one of them, then this post is very helpful for you. In this blog post I will explain about what is bounce rate how you can easily reduce. So, let’s start

What is Bounce Rate and How Reduce it?

If you have any blog or website then you must be aware of google analytic so that you can learn about traffic coming to your website using a free service of Google analytic. If you want to find out which article is experiencing a lot of traffic, then Google analytic is helping you. You can also find out that with the help of Google analytic, you can also find out which country is experiencing more traffic to your website and how much traffic from this country. You can also find out how much your website’s bounce rate is.

What is Bounce Rate?

When a user or visitor comes to your website and then opens it for a second and goes quickly or quickly and remains in it for a long time, then that time is called a bounce rate. Bounce rate is just far depends on visitors that how long blog post. When they have had to click on many of the pages on the same website all the time I think the time called the bounce rate.

what is bounce rate

Reason of increasing the Bounce Rate of Website-

1 # WordPress Speed ​​- You have to check that the site is being open in a time and there is not much time for the site to open. If the loading speed of the website is low then the visitor will be waiting for some time but a few days later to reduce website come to your website and go to another website if your website loading speed is reduced to your website’s bounce rate will grow.

2 # Copy Paste Content – If you are a blogger, do not copy the content anytime or else it will reduce the number of visitors to you and if you have not written your article properly then the visitor coming to your site will come soon gone are the resulting increases bounce rate of your website, you always try to have to try it to write a unique contact this will increase the number of your website visitors.

3 # Designing: The main reason for reducing weight by designing WordPress is that the design of website is not good, if the design of your website is not good then the traffic to your website will not stop long and will gradually decrease and your traffic will not grow.

4 # Updates: Not long to be updated – Your website is not updating long enough, it is also the main reason for promoting a bounce rate.
Writing skill is not good.

Tips for Reducing the Bounce Rate of WordPress-

1 # Make the design of your site more attractive – due to the design of your website, your website’s bounce rate is high. If your website has a good design then it attracts the visitor to your website, the bounce rate also starts decreasing.

2 # Reduce the loading time of WordPress – If the loading time of your website is too high then the loading speed of the website is less than the incoming visitor will wait for some time but after a few days the website will be reduced to your website.

what is bounce

So, if your website’s loading time is too high, then reduce the loading time of your site.

3 # Link to your WordPress article – If you write an article, then post your old article together. If you link to your article, then when the visitor reads the new article, together with the old article. It can read due to the will reduce the bounce rate of your website and look too slowly moving traffic on and written article.

4 # Using Keyword– If you use Keyword Research Tools to search keywords related to your topic, and then you attract the keyword to your website’s article, which also lowers the bounce rate.

5 # Mobile Friendly Site, you should create a mobile friendly your site to your website should do it so that your visitors read your website mobile me too.

6 # Long Article– you can reduce the need to disclose more than the minimum 300 words your article so engaged in reading the reader.

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