What is Bio-tin? Effects on its Work and Body

Bio-tin Why they needs


Bio-tin is also called Vitamin-H. This is the only part of the vitamin B-complex, which is fat-soluble. This vitamin serves the body’s synthesis of carbohydrate and fat. Biotin helps in proper development of the embryo and the essential element of our body’s nails and hair health. There is no shortage of this vitamin in the body but if there is any reduction due to any reason, its effects are seen on the body such as hair fall, nail breakdown, changes in skin color, dryness in eyes, tiredness and weakness Etc.

Bio-tin discovery

From 1901 onwards, scientists had gathered in this quest, after all, what is the element which is absolutely essential for the growth of yeast. Then, in 1916 scientific researches and research revealed that if the egg white of the raw egg is eaten continuously, it becomes poisonous for them.

In 1927, the Boas salt scientist, when rats is feeding the white egg of the raw egg as the main source of protein, there were problems in extreme disease, hair fall, and muscle strain. But when the yellow part of the egg was fed, it soon became healthy. Here, it is determined that there is an element that affects. Then in 1937, Gyorgy named this element Vitamin-H.

Earlier in 1931, kogel and Tonnis purified it from the yellow part of egg and named it ‘biotin’.

Characteristics of Biotin
  • This is a colorless compound.
  • It is partially soluble in cold water but is completely soluble in hot water.
  • Strong acidity and alkalinity is unstable. Therefore, biotin vitamins are destroyed as soon as they come in contact with them.
  • It is stable to heat or energy.
  • It is destroyed by oxidation.
  • It is a little soluble in alcohol and in fat it is insoluble.
  • Functions of biotin in the body

Bio-tin works in many ways in the body. It can be used as a treatment for hair fall and nail weakness. It also acts to reduce the level of triglyceride in the body. Normal development of the embryo and carbohydrates in the body are very helpful in the metabolism of fats and amino acids.

  • In the body, it acts as the stabilization of carbon dioxide, so that various metabolic activities can be easily done.
  • Biotin is helpful in the synthesis of inbreed-ed fats. For the synthesis of fatty acids, biotin-containing enzymes are required.
  • It also plays the role of assistant in many places to complete Kreb’s Cycle.
  • Urgent for skin health. In its absence, the skin becomes thick, rough and dry.
  • It also helps to keep muscles safe.
  • Bio-tin increases the usefulness of folic acid, pentethinic acid and vitamin B12 in the body.
  • This is an important component of DNA and RNA. So you can understand its usefulness.
Effects of Biotin Deficiency on the Body

Usually there is no lack of bio-tin in the body because this vitamin exists in all types of food items. But those people who consume more of the raw egg, their body lacks azar biotin / Vitamin-H. Because raw eggs contain Avidin which is a type of protein and it is toxic. It avoids the absorption of avidin biotin. Avidin is destroyed after boiling and the biotin gets absorbed by the body. By consuming more alcohol and consuming more raw eggs reduces the biotin’s body.

Deficiency of biotin has low impact on the body –

  • The skin becomes rough, rosy, shiny and lifeless. Due to its deficiency, the upper layer of the skin starts flowing. Itching begins in the skin. Especially the skin of hands, feet, throat, arms and mouth is highly affected.
  • Dermatitis becomes skin disease. And the skin loses its natural color.
  • Wrinkles on the skin begin to fall.
  • Appetite decreases.
  • Pain in the muscles of the hands and feet.
  • Dizziness starts coming.
  • The patient starts to feel mentally disturbed and saturated.
  • The body starts to be idle and sluggish.
  • Occasionally anemia is also done.
  • Rapid fatigue begins to occur.
Why Biotin is less in Body in  Many Reasons, Some of them are giving below.
  • Excessive alcohol intake.
  • Extra intake of raw eggs.
  • By consuming biotin-free substances for a long time.
  • It also decreases due to frequent diarrhea.
  • The use of artificial milk reduces it in infants.
  • It also decreases due to the destruction of bacteria that produce biotin in intestine.
  • Excessive biotin deficiency in the body due to overuse of specialized antibiotics.
  • It also decreases due to birth defects or disorders in the intestines.
Sources of Biotin / Vitamin – H

Bio-tin is present in all types of food items, it is found in the highest quantity in the yeast, liver, peanut, soybean, gheeu mangi, the upper layer of rice etc. It is also abundantly found in all types of pulses, dried fruits, cereals, fish, meat, egg, oil seeds, milk and so on.

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