Top 7 Running And Upcoming Artificial Project(AI) By Elon Musk

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Elon musk is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. who are planning to colonize Mars. and are afraid to become a pet with artificial intelligence. But it’s not really all that plays a role in these companies. Elon musk The problems of mankind trying to cover almost all industries and global will revolutionize each of them.

Let’s look at Elon Musk’s Top 7 projects. Which are designed to change the life around.

Top Projects of Elon Musk :-

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an energy product designed to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels. Elon Musk offered this concept to his cousin in 2004 and in 2016 he bought the company. The company got out of bankruptcy with the help of Tesla. Tesla car owners will be able to charge their car with Tesla’s Power Wall battery, which stores solar energy from the roof.

Elon Musk Solar Project

The company supplies solar panels for Solar Roofs Cars to Tesla owners. Also, this Solar Roof Company also supplies to some big companies. But not everything is perfect every time. Thus many panels on the roofs of Walmart and Amazon caught fire. Which led to the termination of the relationship with both the companies.

However, Tesla Company got the tender for the construction of Horn Nail Power Reserve in Australia. Which the company completed in less than 100 days. Apart from this, he has also introduced Auto Bidder Platform which acts as a trading robot. applied that too.

Auto Bidder Platform acts as a trading robot. It recharges its battery when the electricity market is less than kilowatt hour. When the price of electricity increases rapidly, it sells its energy.

Tesla Car

Tesla The Maska Car is a project established in 2003 that involves the creation of the cars of the future. Which not only runs on clean energy. Rather, it will run by itself, whether it is the owner of the car or not, even then it will be able to run by itself. Due to which it will be easy for the owner to earn extra money.

When Tesla car was made with money from Paypal. Then there was Tesla’s Model S. Which became the Car of the Year in 2013 and also scored a century in 2015 and became the best selling electric car in the world. Model X, Model 3 were made in 2015 and 2016. Tesla will produce two models of the electric semi model and lastly the Cybertruck.

Elon Musk tesla Project

Elon Musk will build a new factory. Despite the Giga factory being mocked, the Cyber ​​truck will go on sale with almost no design changes. Tesla Cyber ​​Truck is made of high strength steel | Elon musk said that the steel that this truck is made of is also used by the rocket company SpaceX. Elon Musk assured that this material can easily deal with sledgehammer strikes and shot firearms.

It will be able to overcome the deep ford and stay away for some time till date. To date, Tesla has collected more than 5 million applications for the Cyber ​​Truck model. It will be made in three versions. Which will come with one, two and three electric motors for 40 to 80 thousand dollars. Whose power reserve will be from 400 to 800 km. Similarly the maximum speed will be from 177 to 210 kms.

Adaptive air suspension will be used in electric trucks. The length of the prototype Tesla Cyber ​​truck is 5885 mm. The width is 2027 mm and the height is 1905 mm. The clearance size is 40 cm.

What is Autopilot?

Elon Musk Autopilot Project

This truck will also run on Autopilot. In the above link, we have told a lot about Autopilot. There is only one thing left to mention here. is that the data should consider | Transmission is another problem. Every Tesla car on the road that communicates will send several GB of data from AT & LTE to the company via the network. From software updates to drivers data every month, everyone needs fast internet.


This is one such project. In which together about 12,000. Satellites will be launched into Earth’s orbit. An attempt was made to implement it in the early 1990s, but it did not work then because of this. High cost of delivering satellites in space But Elon Musk has been working on it for more than 18 years. So that almost all the problems are solved.

Elon Musk Starlink Project

In today’s time space flights have become as cheap as possible. So that about 12,000 in this project. Satellites will be launched. At different altitudes, the satellite will orbit the Earth at different altitudes. Which will provide internet speed up to 1GB/S. There are currently 420 satellites in orbit. And there are 120 more which will be launched this June. Star Link is the largest satellite internet service.

(Vacuum Trains)Transportation System

The idea of ​​vacuum trains was first suggested by George in 1812. But for the first time to convince people that this was a Real Possibility, that work was done by Elon Musk. After calculations in 2012, SpaceX and Tesla engineers said that a Hyperloop passenger could travel 50 kilometres in 2.5 minutes. and can theoretically reach a maximum speed of about 1,000 Km/h at a cost of only $20.

Elon Musk Vaccum Project

It has a test site in Hawthorne. And another test site is being built in Las Vegas. Contracts are signed in Toulouse. Tunes and engineers in Dubai have already tested the successful-loop test capsule at 450 kmph to build the 10-km highway. But the project requires not only capsules but also cheap underground tunnels.

BORING COMPANY(The Infrastructure Project)

Boring company. Elon musk founded the Boring Company to build underground tunnels. Which will solve two main problems. The first is speed and the second is the cost of tunneling. In today’s date, it costs about 1 billion dollars per mile to build a tunnel.

Elon Musk Boring Project

But Elon musk’s plan is to bring it down to $100 million. And to do this, they will reduce the diameter of the tunnel by up to 4 times that of a standard car tunnel. With this electric cars, the speed of movement in the tunnel will be 200 kilometers per hour. The first commercial route, Las Vegas, has been completed with two tunnels.

AEROSPACE Project SpaceX

Aerospace Project The global goal of the SpaceX company is to make space travel accessible. Not only to go to the Moon, but also to colonize Mars. Elon Musk is sure that if mankind does not learn to survive on other planets. So it will be extinct one day due to the first global disaster or increasing population.

But if we can make sufficiently advanced space technology, then we will not only be able to survive but also be able to settle on another planet. So the purpose of this project is to send 1 million people to Mars. SpaceX is slowly moving towards achieving its first goal. Which is that the cheapest space technology should be made.

The purpose of starting the company is | Maximum number of missiles to be reused. And developing its own engine, what it can do apart from this is the use of fuel on other planets such as: – A combination of methyl ox, a combination of methane and oxygen to produce methane.

The company will collect CO2 from Mars and extract water from its surface. So that it will be possible to refuel missiles on the way from them. and then to return to the Red Planet.

Elon musk will use the starship which will have a carrying capacity of 100 tonnes. Heavy rockets will be used to launch the ship from Earth. But Elon Musk is sure that one day it will be true to blow someone off one end of the Earth. But the company is sure that the cost of such a flight will be as much as a normal plane ticket.

But the first Japanese billionaire Yusaku Misawa will fly to the moon around 2024. Meanwhile, SpaceX hopes that the sent astronauts will be successfully brought back to the ISS on May 30 with the help of Crew Dragon.

 Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence. According to Elon Musk, we have a slight threat to Artificial intelligence. Elon musk has founded a company that will study the potential dangers of Open AI. The main goal of this project is to do a fast and deep research on Artificial Intelligence. For this, the company is hiring the best developers so that they can help all the other AI researchers to know the machines in a better way.

Elon Musk Artificial Project

One of his team created an AI for example. Jim created a toolkit for developing and comparing algorithms. Reinforcements is a general concept of Open AI. Which makes it a high quality neutral network research without any commercial restrictions. Along with this, the main task is also studying Artificial intelligence.


is a company that makes Highly Reliable Minimally Invasive Brain Computer. Which increases the capabilities of the mind of an ordinary person. Ultimately, the purpose of Neuro-link is to increase the level of human brain power. And connect it to the digital world, even before Artificial intelligence becomes more intelligent than us.

But first of all, it will help people who are suffering from stroke, neuro degeneration, cancer, spinal cord injury and dozens of other health problems.

Elon Musk Nuralink Project

Neuralink has developed the first generation key with ultra-electrodes. Which was fitted in the motor cord area of ​​the brain with the help of special equipment with laser precision.

So that it will be able to control our external organs. The chip will also be connected to an inductance coil. Which will be connected to an external battery installed behind the ear on the side.

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