Top 5 World’s With Fastest Internet Speed

Fastest Internet Speed

Today, we are going to be talking about the top 5 fastest internet speed on average by country. Now that sounds complicated but essentially in this article we tell you how great the internet is in five countries. So, you can feel terrible about how slow yours is in your country. So, before we get started I want to give you the worldwide connection average. Which is about 4.5 megabits per second now, the average connection in the United States is about twice as fast as the average globally. But it’s still not good enough for the U.S. to make it into this top 5 list.

5. Sweden

We have Sweden with an average internet connection speed of 14.1 megabits per second. This also happens to be the home of the world famous torrent site” The Pirate Bay”. The Internet in Sweden is utilized by 94% of the populace. This is the fourth most noteworthy use rate on the planet behind just the Falkland Islands, Iceland, and Norway. Sweden was also one of the first countries to transition to 4G mobile data connections from 3G.

4. Switzerland

We have the wonderful land of Switzerland. The Switzerland has average connection speed of 14.5 megabits per second. This is not just a destination for skiing now keeps in mind this figure of 14.5 megabits per second. This is the average you can of course get faster connections as well for example 125 megabit connection. They provide this speed is only around 72 bucks US dollars.

3. Japan

We have our very first Asian country; it is the Land of the Rising Sun Japan with an average connection speed of 15 megabits per second. You can get residential connections here as fast as one gigabit per second. if you’re on a bit of a budget how about a 100 megabit per second. This connection is for only $25 US. The most searched websites in 2014 in Japan Yahoo, Facebook, and YouTube

2. Hong Kong

Let’s stay in Asia take a quick trip over to Hong Kong, with an average connection speed of 16.3 megabits per second. This is the home of very fast connections for a cheap price.

For Example: The average cost for a 300 megabit line is only $50 US per month and there’s even a new broadband provider the Hong Kong broadband network. This is offering up a symmetrical one gigabit per second broadband connection for only $26 per month.

1. South Korea

One spot on this list and I bet that some of you can guess what it’s going to be? I’m talking about the home of the high speed connection. The global center of superfast internet is South Korea with an average speed of 25.3 megabits per second. That is about 6 times faster than the world average and more than twice as fast as the average connection in the United States. If you thought a gigabit connection in Hong Kong was a good deal at $26. How about you save yourself 6 bucks get up to South Korea and do the same thing for $20.


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