Top 4 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Work

places where gravity does not work

Gravity doesn’t Work

We are going to be looking at places on earth where gravity doesn’t work. In science a lot of things are debated however one thing everyone seems to accept is that, gravity exists on earth. In this article we’re going to look at some places where gravity doesn’t seem to work.

Mystery Spot

We have the Mystery Spot USA. This is one of the most mysterious and unexplained places in the United States. It’s called the Mystery Spot and this is found in the redwood forests of Santa Cruz California. One day in 1939 inventor George prize was walking in the woods. When he suddenly felt dizzy he then noticed his compass was going crazy and was spinning everywhere with superfast speed. He was fascinated, so, he bought the area of land where this occurred and built a house there inside the house gravity doesn’t work. In this place water flows upwards and they split here. If a ball is placed on a ramp it’s sliced up instead of down.

Hoover Dam USA

Hoover Dam is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the United States. It’s known for being a massive creation that took over five million barrels of cement to build the 221 meter dam is located in Nevada just 30 miles away from Las Vegas. Be that as it may, in spite of it being a mind boggling vacation spot. It likewise appears to violate the laws of material science. In the event that you empty water into the dam that it will fly go down as opposed to tumbling down into it. This also works for small objects like coins and candy wrappers. But why does this occur when it’s all down to the wind flow, which is occurring inside the dam there is so much powerful wind in the dam that it creates an up flow of wind. This means instead of the wind blowing from east or west like it usually does it blows upwards meaning that anything which is weaker than the wind and is simply pushed up.

Mount Airy Ghats Armenia

These mountains are quite a sight to see and are an amazing tourist attraction on their own however an odd natural phenomenon occurs.  Which stuns tourists and baffles many people the mountains are located on the border between Armenia and Turkey. They are really one-of-a-kind cars appear to move up the mountain on their own even. When, their engine is not turned on. They fight with gravity by floating up the mountain on their own. Most people say mountains are hard to climb up however; it’s the opposite for this mountain. It’s far easier to climb up it than down. It there’s a gravitational pull which makes walking down from the mountain. This mountain have gravity doesn’t work on up and down moving or walking condition.

Magnetic Hill Canada

This is a hill located in the New Brunswick province of Canada. It doesn’t look like much at first but it’s actually one of the most amazing and mysterious places on earth. You see cars even with their engines switched off start moving up it without any invention at all. Just imagine zooming up this hill while your foot is still on the brakes that are something that would really scare me and as too many people who try and park their car near the hill. There are warning signs around the hill but some people don’t realize this and find their car travelling up the hill without them doing anything. There are many theories people have about why seems to be no gravity here. Some say, it’s an alien spaceship underground that causes this to occur and others even blame some kind of government experimentation on the irregular amounts of gravity in the area.

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