How To Fix Google Adsense Page Level Violations (Full Guide)

Adsense Page Level Violations

Have you got any mail from google, which has given notice to fix google adsense page level violations? If yes, you might have been scared too much and wondered what to do now and how to fix google adsense page level violations and how You can protect your google adsense account.

Because your google adsense may be the only source of money from a blog and it is natural that you are very scared because you know only how much the serial remains with google terms and conditions.

Google Adsense Page Level Violations

But friends do not have any need to panic you because you are not alone. A few days ago, I also received an email from adsense page level violation from google and also had a concern in the matter for a while, Income is Source and we must follow every single Terms and Conditions from Google Ads, otherwise our ads may be disabled or prohibited.

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If you have received an email from adsense page level violations, then you should read this post carefully and till the end, because in this post, I will tell you what you should do and how you can remove this adsense page level violations and can protect adsense account

So let’s start without wasting time on friends, we start this post today and see how we can correct this violation.

What To Do In Google Adsense Page Level Violations 

In the first place, I tell you why Google notifies you of this violation. Google lacks google adsense, they take money from advertisers of google adwords and their ads are show on bloggers like us.

But if your ads violate any policy of adsense, then Google AdWords does notify you via email

I understand that this is a very good step by adsense team because the adsense account of the first publishers was prohibited without notification, but now google adsense publishers are notified by email that the pages of their sites do not obey their policy.

Fix Google Adsense Page Level Violations, When you encounter a problem with your account, invalid activity, adult content, click fraud, suspicious activities, encouraging clicks or your adsense placement.

Friends, sometimes mistakenly place bloggers on an area where you get Adsense Page Level Violations, but you can get it done very easily.

A few days ago, I had received an email for a page on that blog that was on behalf of the team of google adsense and I immediately noticed those pages that were adult content is, please remove ads code on this page.

Friends, when you come to Adsense Page Level Violations, please do not ignore it because if you do this, your adsense account may also be disabled or ban.

When you get Adsense Page Level Violations, then read the email sent through the adsense carefully and it will tell you how you can resolve that problem.

How to Fix Google Adsense Page Level Violations

Friends who came to you in the email must have told you what you have to do with yourself and how you can remove this violation. The email that I received was written in that it had written that one page is violating our policy, ads have been restricted to that page.Restricted means that some of your advertisers refuse to show ads on that page.

Disabled means that there will be no show ads for any google adsense on that page page.How do you know now that ads are restricted or disabled on your page in your violation.  For this, friends go to the Adsense policy center and you will be told in full detail why the page has got Adsense Page Level Violation.

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There you go to your google adsense account and then settings and then click on the policy center. As soon as you click on it, you will know what sites have got Adsense Page Level Violations. There you will also be shown how many pages you have received that violation and click on the Show details link next to it, you will get full information.

You will see these details as you click

1. Reason for violation
2. What is the status of Ads for that page
3. Date the day you received the violation
4. How to solve this violation

Adsense Page Level Violations

In the same page, you will also be told how you can overcome this violation. And you have 2 ways so that you can solve this problem

1. Fix the violations and request a review
This means that you adjust your page and then request a review.

2. Remove the AdSense ad code from the page
The second option is to remove all adsense ads from the page that is in your question and then request a review.

You will see a link to a request review on the bottom and if you fix your page, you can click on this link page

You will request the response from the team of AdSense and notify you via email, it may take up to 1 week or more.

Adsense Page Level Violations

If you take decision to remove adsense ads from your page, then you will automatically withdraw from the violation policy center within 7 to 10 days and you will not have to do anything on your behalf.

Note – Removing friends ads means that your adsense ads should not show in any of the entire pages, but you should not see any adsense ad in that page in the header, sidebar or footer.

I have seen that many people simply remove ads from the page and show ads in the sidebar, header and footer. Friends do not have to do this. The purpose of getting ads is to show ads on any of your pages in the google adsense ads show Should not be

What Are You Doing For My Google Page Level Violations?

Friends, as soon as I received this email, I went to my adsense policy center and gave all the details to it and then I decided that the page I got violated was adult content violation.

There was no such thing in the light of that page, it was a very sensitive topic because of which I got this violation. So I thought of risk . So, I deleted that page and requested review

Friends, if you come to the society, what to do and what changes or adjustments you have to make in the page, then you can request a review.

And if you think that the content is not of much value then you can delete the content as I did.

Friends, once again you would like to say to the people that if you get adsense page level violations then you can take immediate action and do not give an Ignore if you can get it very expensive.

Few Last Words

Friends, what should I do if I get adsense page level violations, and I hope that after getting this post, you will know what you have to do to remove the violation.

If you have a little help of this post, please share this post as much as possible so that the help of all the bloggers who do not know what to do when the adsense page level violations occur.

You posted this post on Facebook, Whatsapp Share on twitter and google plus and if there is any dowry in your mind then you will get help immediately by asking me through comments and if you have ever received any violation and how you solved it, please share it in the comment too. So that all bloggers can get help.

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