Top 5 Best Exercise to Reduce Side Fat Naturally 2021

best exercise to reduce side fat

Your belly fat is not often less than a headache for you. Which ever decreases, sometimes increases. You also do a lot of exercises for this, but despite this your belly does not take the name of fat. Some of the people are daily search for best exercise to reduce side fat or fat loss naturally. Many times you do running and jogging everyday hours.

In the gym you also sweat till hours. Sometimes it is also less light and then comes out suddenly, twice. To reduce your belly fat, you must definitely do these exercises at least 2-3 times a week. These not only keep your abdominal strong but also burn the layer of fat deposited in your belly. So from today, these exercises must be done.

Top 5 Best Exercise to Reduce Side Fat

1. Frog Crunches

Often, there are many parts in your body that are more strong and some weak, due to which many of your body movements have problems. Something similar happens with your belly. In which your upper belly is slightly stronger and lower belly is weak. The abs of your lower belly are quite weak. For which many times you have to face weight problems in weight lifting. For this, you can do the exercise of this frog crunches.

Best Exercise to Reduce Side Fat
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In the exercise of crunches you just do not have to depend on basic crunches. Because they do not target your lower belly. They focus only on your upper abs. For this, you need to try different types of variations.

This exercise targets your lower abs directly. To do this exercise, first of all, both hands should be kept backwards. After that you have to bind your legs. When binding your legs, you need to be careful that both of your heels are mixed together. There is no gap between them.

After this you have to keep your two elbows slightly bend. With this you have to push your legs together in front, after which you have to bring them back to your chest. While doing this, you have to take special care to keep your back in no way bend. With this you do not have to let your back touch the floor.

2. Single Leg Rises

This exercise is good for your side, along with your lower belly. Give a exercise and benefits To do this, you have to keep a close watch on some things. First of all, you have to lie back on a mat with a back. After that you have to keep your legs straight on both legs. After this you have to touch your thumb with both hands, alternatively, raising your leg to a straight 90 degrees.

 Best Exercise to Reduce Side Fat
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When doing this, keep in mind that your back should not be bonded anywhere. And as soon as you touch your toe, you have to leave your breath. You have to do this at least 15-20 times. You should take at least 4 sets of this exercise. In the beginning, you do not have to do extremely heavy exercise. If you start a light exercise, it will be very beneficial to reduce your belly fat.

3. Mountain Climbing

The mountain must have come to your mind as soon as you hear the name of this exercise. Well the name of this exercise has also been kept for this reason. Mountain climbing exercise is considered a killer of fat from your lower belly to upper belly. To do this exercise, you do not have to spend most of your palms on the floor. After this you have to keep your legs straight on the rear side. While doing this, your hips should be equal to your waist and your waist should not be bend at all.

Best Exercise to Reduce Side Fat

You have to keep your face straight and front. After this, you have to touch it by bringing your chest from your knee to your chest while bending your legs one by one. Then you have to take your foot again to the same position. You have to do this with your two legs alternately. You have to do it at least 15-20 times and you have to take 4 sets of it. While doing this, you have to take a special note of that as soon as your feet get bend, you have to leave your breath at the same time.

4. Plank Pikes Exercise

To do this exercise, lift the forehead from the ground and lie on the stomach and keep the ankles on the sliding disc. Now putting the upper part of the body on the elbow, the elbow should be placed on the floor and the feet should be placed on the toes. After this, try to lift the stomach and thighs slowly upwards. Stay in this situation for 20 to 30 seconds. After this, come back to normalcy. Make it around 10 rounds.

plank pike exercise for fat loss
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5. Squat

Squat hips are a great way to reduce unwanted fat. This exercise is quite simple. You start it with a simple situation to reduce your body. Take doubles in your hands to do this and keep your hands straight. Then fold your knees and then come back to that position. This exercise not only helps to reduce the fat of your hips but also tone the leg muscles.

fat loss exercise
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The above Top 5 Best Exercise to reduce side fat is only capable with your proper diet plan. If you do this exercise for reducing fat loss then you control your diet plan as well. You can avoid high calories foods, high carbs contain things and most important it sugar. You can consume light food with high protein.

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