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Dear Reader, Welcome to Our Post Best Way To Reduce Bounce Rate Fast. In today’s article we are going to tell 12 Best Ways of reducing Website Bounce Rate, so that you can lower your blog’s High Bounce Rate. Do you know what is Bounce Rate? Do you know how to do Bounce Rate Reduce? Always read to make many difficult task bloggers like Website Traffic Enhance, Website Loading Speed ​​Improve and Bounce Rate Maintain.

Is Your Blog Or Website Bounce Rate Great? Do you want to reduce bounce rate? If you are rightly bothered by Bounce Rate and after making every effort, after searching, have come to our blog, then you are reading the correct post. In this article, we are going to share 12 Proven Methods with you to reduce your website or blog’s bounce rate and increase your website conversion which can be very useful to you.

With the addition of posting on your website over time, High Bounce Rate is a common issue. But if this high bounce rate continues to grow in the same way or it continues, then the time is not far when the visitor does not visit the page other than the homepage. What if this happens?

What will happen to your brother If your many visitors leave your website immediately after visiting the first page, then it is not exactly suitable for your website or blog. The future of the same website Bounce Rate can make you sleepy. Let’s also know what Bounce Rate is and how Bounce Rate Reduce can be done in Summery.

How to lower the Website Bounce Rate? How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

Keep in mind that we are going to share with you the ways in which we have reduced our website Bounce Rate to a lesser extent on our blog itself. Now it depends on you how do you implement it in your blog. Do you know how much your blog’s Average Bounce Rate should be? Let’s know.

Excellent Bounce Rate – Around or below 20%
Good Bounce Rate – Around or Lower than 40%
Average Bounce Rate – 50 to 60%
Poor Bounce Rate – Over 75 to 80%

Update on Daily Blog

To reduce Website Bounce Rate you will always have to update your blog so that you can analyze your blog daily. Blog Analyze lets you know about Positive & Negative Position on your website, which gives you an idea of ​​Website Bounce Rate.

Website Loading Speed ​​Increase.

The second best way to reduce Website Bounce Rate is to increase your Website Load Speed. If your website does not have Performance and Speed ​​Under 4 Second according to Google Algorithm, then it is difficult to reduce your blog’s High Bounce Rate. Focus your blog’s speed is less than 3 seconds. This is a very effective way to reduce Website Bounce Rate.

Avoiding Pop Up

Do you use Newsletter Popup, Facebook Popup or any other pop up method on your website on your blog? If you use your visitors to send a new notification then do not use them too much. This is also one of the reasons for the rise of Website Bounce Rate. Research whether these are useful in increasing website traffic. If these popups are not being used well then remove them immediately.

Internal linking to Website Post

The best and effective solution is to reduce Bounce Rate, then it is Internal Post Linking which means you can link links to related posts from every post or page of your blog, the same will be your blog’s to Reduce Bounce Rate. Do not Avoid Post-Internal Linking with Search Engine Optimization.

Attractive Post Tittle

To reduce the website Bounce rate in SEO’s eyes, keep the tittle’s headline attractive in reducing the number of visitors immediately without reading other Tittle Post, which helps in lowering the High Bounce Rate.

Write Better Content

If you are a blogger then you must be aware that Content Is King If good blogs are written on your blog, then there is a great benefit in lowering the Website Bounce Rate. Unless you are satisfied with your post content, that content is helpful for your visitors, do not publish the post or page.

After Post Related Post Display

After reading the post, Visitors leave your blog behind Main Reason, this also happens because if you do not have Related Post or Popular Post setting then Website Bounce Rate increases. From now on, you have benefited from your readers after the end of every post, related to Popular Post.

Write Long Article With Short Paragraph

Always try to write Long Articles with Great Content. If you put more than 1000 words in the number of post words, then do not use it all in the words ‘Great Content’. You want to reduce the Website Bounce Rate to a great extent, then focus on keeping each paragraph in limited lines, that the paragraphs of each article are from 3 to 4 lines.

In addition to India, other than India, Smartphone is also used for Internet Browsing, therefore, less-line paragraphs for Mobile User Satisfaction do help in reducing your blog or Website Bounce Rate.

Mobile Friendly Design

To show the best User Friendly Content to the growing Smartphone Users, the theme of your blog or website should be Mobile Friendly. To know whether your Blog or WordPress Theme is Mobile Friendly, you must do Mobile Friendly Test.

If your theme is not mobile friendly, then you can use Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for it. Keep in mind that Website Bounce Rate Reduce will be a tough task if you do not make your website theme mobile friendly for Smartphone users.

Blog Design

After visiting any of your visitors, Blog Design, Website Look, Navigation Setting, Header Setting, Footer Setting do all these things. If they like the design of your blog or website, they will definitely visit other posts on the blog for a while. Website Design too helps in Website Bounce Rate Reduce, so try making Best Blog Design.

Do you like what you think about the design of our blog? From Regular Visitors and Page Views of our Blog, we think that our designs will be appealing to visitors. If you liked the blog design, please give Suggestion through the comment.

Use the best images associated with the post

You know that 1 image can be better than your 1000 words content? That’s right, images are necessary to reduce the Page Views and Website Bounce Rate of your blog. Always try to use Related Images for every post or page.

Self Experiment

When we started this blog, there was a very low bounce rate, but as soon as the article was published above 100 posts, Bounce Rate suddenly increased. Website Bounce Rate is more or less common with post increases, but if High Bounce Rate lasts for a long time or continues growing, then it is necessary to pay attention to it.

When we saw that 15% of the website Bounce Rate had increased this time compared to the previous days. Now what can be the reason? Whatever we have done, we focused solely on one thing according to the above points, writing Best Quality Content, daily post publishing, choosing and updating the old post, checking Google Analytics, giving the right and best answer to every comment , Regular Content, according to the needs of visitors, Migrating Hosting at the right time, Internal Linking to Articles related to Post, Increasing Website Loading Speed.

If you want to reduce your blog or website Bounce rate, then you have to work on these points so that you can succeed in blogging. If you feel that you have made any or any other points in your notice, then please reply your comments via our comments.

In this way, the website Reduce Bounce Rate,  this article helps you reduce your blog’s high Bounce Rate comfortably. Hope you like this blog post! Similarly, to subscribe to the blog to get every quality post related to blogging on your email, and forget about sharing the post in social media.

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