10+ Effective Ways to Make Free High Quality Backlinks

make free high quality backlinks

Hello, Friends, we make her SEO so that our blog can rank in Google and all the other Search Engines, but there are a lot of things to be done to do SEO and have to do, and most of it needs to be done. Backlinks are essential. If you make Free High Quality Backlinks for your blog then it’s great.

Make Free High Quality Backlinks

Making Free High Quality Backlinks is not a big deal, but you have to work hard to make Backlinks, because no work is so easy, and new bloggers do not feel pity, after creating the blog they just think that, now money starts coming.

So friends, if you think so, stop thinking from today. I do not say that it is difficult to earn money in less time in blog, it is depend on your hard work, the more effort you make on your blog as soon as possible will be successful

How to Make Free High Quality Backlinks for your Blog?

First of all, for any blog’s ranking, Search Engine Optimization has to be done, which is a very hard process, which takes time and takes time to do it, SEO is of two types, On Page SEO and Off Page SEO in which to do On-Page SEO you have to work on your blog, and to do Off-Page SEO, to create backlinks for blogs like out of the blog.

If you have done on Page SEO well you can get a quick rank in Google and the rest of the Search Engines, which are extremely important for a blog. But with all these Off-Page SEO also have the same meaning as it is also very important to do it. So friends now know how to make free quality backlinks for your blog? But before that they know what are the benefits of creating backlinks?

What are the Benefits of Creating Backlinks?

Backlinks are the most important for any blog or website, due to which the value of your blog increases and Ranking gets better in the Search Engine. If you have high quality backlinks on your blog, then no one can stop you from ranking in Google or any other search engine. These are most important for Off-Page SEO.

But now you have a question about how to make free High Quality Backlinks for your blog. Because in today’s time, it is very difficult to understand, which site can get High Quality backlinks. Now if you want to bring Organic Traffic to your blog, below I have mentioned about 10+  Effective Ways to make free quality backlinks that can help you create Backlinks for your blog.

To Make Free High Quality Backlinks For Blogs 10 Plus Effective Ways –

Now it comes to how to create a blog’s backlinks, as I have repeatedly said that any new blog needs backlinks to bring it into the fastest ranking in Google, if you want too If your blog ranks fast in Google and other search engines, then you can create high quality backlinks for your blog with the methods outlined below.

After which nobody can stop you from ranking, but only Quality Backlinks and Do-Follow and No-Follow both will be backlinks.

1. Comment on Related and Niche Sites from your Blog –

These methods are very popular, because it is easy and it does not take much time to do it, you can create backlinks via comments on your blog’s Topic or Niche websites.

 2.  Add a Question-Answer Page to Your Blog –

Yes, friends, you can find both a great traffic and backlinks by Adding a Question/Answer page on your blog, just for that you have to make a question answer page on your site (blog), with the help of the plugin or you are separated You can also create a form.

 3. Create a blog on Blogger –

By using Google’s free service, you create a second blog and add a link to your blog to get back a good quality backlink. If your site is on WordPress then you can create backlinks on Blogger and by creating it on Blogger then on WordPress.

 4. Submit Your Site to Free Forms Sites –

There are free blog submissions sites that you can submit to your blog for free, just to do this, you just have to write “Free Blog Submissions Sites” on Google, after which you will find sites from many friends.

 5. Use Yahoo –

You can also get backlinks by going to the question-answers page of Yahoo here by asking a new question or answering the question there, just for this, you have to give a question to the question asked by the logo on which you link to your blog You can get backlinks by giving or by asking a new question.

6. Use Social Media Sites –

In today’s time, most users are on social networking sites, which you can use to do your work, just for this you will find Facebook, Google Plus, Linkdin, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Stumble Upon etc. Like to share the URL of your web page on such sites.

7. Guest Posting –

Through Guest Posting you can get awesome backlinks for your blog, and you can also get traffic with its help. This is considered to be the most effective way in today’s time, which is the work of Boost for a new blog Does.

The biggest advantage of this is that with its help you can get Do-Follow Backlinks. You can also guest posting on our Techmenia site in later.

8. By writing Quality Content –

Users are among the most liked things, the quality of the post which attracts them, after which they automatically share your post on social sites, for this, focus on the quality of your blog and post.

9. Use Google and Yahoo Forums –

Google has many forums such as Adsense, Blogger for Blogger and others, as well as Yahoo’s Forum, you can answer questions by going to their Forums, in which you can share your website link with High Quality Can find backlinks.

10. Use Free Blog Community Sites –

There are so many community sites on the internet that you can share the link of your blog, which is only made for Links sharing. One of the most famous of these is the IndiBlogger which can share the link to your site as well as many others that you can use to help you find Google.

11. Create HTML Widget –

If you share posts related to blogging on your site and you have knowledge of HTML, then you can create any widget and share your blog and post, after which the user who added the widget will to make free high quality backlink from the site of you. .

12. Use Attractive Images on Your Blog –

I am telling you this because there are many such sites which use images of other blogs on their blog, with source, which means that they do not remove the link to your blog, which gives you an Image Backlink Get it.


Friends some methods are still left with that allow you to make free high quality backlinks, and I will tell about these methods in my next post. Along with this, you will give a free suggestion that please do not trouble yourself in other websites that say that you will create 1000 backlinks in one click, avoiding them, make your backlinks manually, and do not trouble yourself in the work hours. .

Otherwise, your blog will be badly damaged because such sites have given me bad backlinks to you, which can lead to your Blog Ban. Your blog may be closed, as well Google will not show you the blog in Search Results. So be sure to carefully consider everything before creating backlinks.

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