10 Best Ways To Stop Masturbation Forever

Best Way to stop masturbation

How To Stop Masturbation?

In Today’s Generation, Many of the Children’s as well as Men’s are suffering from Regular Masturbation. Masturbation is not a bad thing but if you doing excess masturbation then you body become unhealthy. So, with the help of this article you will be stop masturbation in a week or a month. Before going to start this all the step to stop masturbation. First question is that What is Masturbation? and How they affect our body! If you understand this question’s answer properly then your body automatically stop masturbation. So, here we start.

Masturbation is when people touch their own bodies for sexual pleasure. People masturbate in lots of different ways. Touching your own body for sexual pleasure is different for everyone. How you do it depends on what makes your body feel good. Some people may rub their penis or may their fingers to touch themselves then hormones releases from brain. when all the activity is done then sperm is release and your body feeling relax.
You may also think that, this sperm when you spread out through masturbation can form whole baby. If you masturbate one or two times in a week then no problem. But if you doing much more then your can’t produce good sperm and decreases the testosterone level in body. Testosterone is only hormone which is responsible for body growth and body building. If you doing regular masturbation then your immune system break down and unable to fight disease. Therefore, if your immune system is not good then your body carry any type of disease.

Create Time Table:

Time Table is always work for any type of remove addiction of anything. So, if you really serious to stop masturbation then create an busy time table. In this time table you mention all the activity you can do.
you can also mention your hobby properly. Time table is the best way for achieve any goal. If you follow your time table for continue in a 21 days then i will be guaranteed that you can achieve whatever you want.

Stop Extra Sleep:

Extra Sleeping is the one of the major problem for regular masturbation. When you wake up, then your penis as well as hormones are much active in the wake up time. So, you can avoid the extra sleep. You may also know that extra sleep is not good for your body. It is many disadvantage. Before going to bed for sleep you can avoid water and also done proper toilet. Because if you drink much more water at the sleeping time then your penis active and if your penis is active then you can’t control your mind for masturbation.

Stop Watching PORN:

The major problem for masturbation is regular watching porn videos. If you regular watch porn video then you can’t control your feelings. You may also think that in a porn video there a men and women who are sexually active and then doing this. This is called sex not a masturbation.stop watching porn

If you regular masturbation then you may be decreases you sexually active hormones. So you may face problem for your marriage life. There is the problem how to stop watching porn videos? So, the answer is that is that blocking all the porn site through any software and after blocking this site you can remove your software for permanent blocking this type of sites. If you want to watch the porn videos then watching with your friends.

Busy With Your Hobby:

In the world, Everyone have there own hobby. So, follow your hobby and busy with them. Hobby is the one of major thing you can stop any addiction in week. If you have don’t any hobby then you must choose your hobby and be serious with them.Join Gym

Hobby may be like playing indoor or outdoor games, Reading Novel, Travelling, Gym, Digital Games in Android or Computer, and planting etc.

Create Your Goal:

If you have any type of goal then you may be always think “how and when i achieve it”. Whenever you can fixed your goal then you can forget everything for your life and be passionate always. So, if don’t have any type of goal then you can create it and be serious. If you achieve your goal your feeling is beyond of every feelings. You can also talk to your parent about you goals in life. Parents are always give you right decision about for your goals.

Think About Previous One:

When you think that you may be doing masturbation after sometime then you may be think your previous masturbation feeling after finish your masturbation. If you thinks your previous masturbation feeling after completing it, then you automatically stop doing this. When the masturbation is complete then your feeling is like why i’m doing this, what is the benefits for me, etc. Then your mood is automatically off.

Stop Feeling Lonely:

Whenever you feel lonely then you do masturbate. So, stay busy with your family and friends. When you alone anywhere like home and other things then you start masturbate. And also don’t sleep alone.
If you not alone then you can stop masturbation automatically.

Not Use Cell Phone At Bed Time:

Stop using cell phone at the bed time, because when you use cell phone and then you visit any site then the advertisement are show on every website or other sex related news are also shown. So, you can feel to masturbate. And also stop sex chat with your girl friend or any other. Because when you type anything about sex then your mind are fully active and concentrate on your penis. So, if you really stop masturbation then you can’t use cell phone at bed time. You can chat with your girl friend at the morning or any time but not chat with at bed time.

What Study Say That:

A study say that 95% of males and 89% of the females are doing masturbate. But only few of them are doing it regularly. A study also say that a regular masturbation you can decrease your lifetime and destroy your body by your own hand. So, if regularly masturbation then i suggest that you can stop right now. Some Myths about masturbation so if you know that then please sigh up Techmenia Newsletter.

Limited Your Relationship With Your Girl Friend:

If you can fixed your limit with you girl friend then you also stop masturbation. Because whenever you want to sex with your partner and then your partner are not interested to doing this then you start masturbation. So, you can really stop masturbation then you can limit your relationship with your partner.

I hope this article is good about how to stop masturbation. If you agree with them and this article are helpful for you then please comment below and also say that which step or process you follow to stop masturbation.

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