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Hello friends, there will be no blogger that will not be heard about SEO. If you are a new blogger then you must have heard or written from someone’s mouth. Because blog is the best way to get traffic into a blog for SEO. So. in this post is going to talk about Write SEO Friendly Article in blog?

Write SEO Friendly Article

How  to write SEO friendly article in blogger or WordPress today? I am about to give information about it. If you are on WordPress then you can seo your post with the help of Yost Plugin, but if you are on a blogger then you have to manually seo your post.

SEO is very important for every blogger. Because search engine is the only way, so that blog can do unlimited traffic drive. Its best thing is that it is absolutely free. That is, you can gain millions of traffic in a blog without money invested. Let’s not take too much time, we move on to our topic.

How To Write SEO Friendly Article?

1. Blog’s Title

The most important part of SEO is the title of your post. When you write the title of the post, you must also use at least 1 or 2 keywords in it and also use some special word in title like Best, Useful, Using top 5, top 10, important, etc. people are excited to read your post and get more views. If you do title seo, you can complicate up to 40% of the entire post.

 2. Blog Description

When you search in a post search engine, it shows you a few words at the bottom of the title, that the description of the post is titled after the title is considered to be very necessary for this post’s seo, in which you can use 4-5 keywords. And your description will be as good as possible, you will get the chance to get more views, so you should write descriptions related to keywords and post in your post, it will rank very well.

3. Applying Image to Post

Typically all bloggers use an image in their blog post, which is considered to be very necessary for your post. And many professional bloggers believe that an image seo is equal to 1000 words in your post and when you use the image in the blog, keep in mind that they should not be copyrighted in any way and edit the photo properly. Only after posting and resizing the photo also will not cause any bad effect on your blog’s loading speed

 4. Word Length

The size of your post for SEO is of great significance. Google also wants that more word post should be given a better rank, so that people can get good and complete information and at least 800-1000 You should use words that you can count the words of your post with the help of word counter tools.

 5. Internal Links

When we write post, there is an option to add links to it. Where visitors can access from one post to another post, you should use this feature in your post. You can also link related to your post in the post of that post, so that your visitors can read your second post too. SEO is beneficial for both, so please use the internal link in all your posts.

 6. Heading of Post

There is a feature of heading to both Blogger and WordPress. You can seo your post to a great extent by using heading, sub heading and mirror heading. The chance of having your post rank increases with the use of heading. You can get at least 2 subheadings in your post. 5 mirror heading must be used

 7. Keyword

Most bloggers are not aware of keywords so they do not get much view in their post. Keywords are words that are more searchable in search engines, you can find out from Google keywords planner tools and if you want you can search keywords from any other tools. You should use more and more keywords in the first and last paragraph of your post and 10-12 keywords in a post are good for seo.

 8. Post Sharing

Almost all the people who post a post on blog post it to share their views on social media. This is called off page seo. It is also important to get a good rank in google if you want to get more views on your post. So share your post in social account such as facebook, twitter, google + etc, this will get your post better. If you have any other social account page, group etc. then you can also share your post.

9. Using Alt Tag in Image

When you put an image in the post, you see an option to use alt tag. Many people would not know about it but using it can make any image of yours seo ready. When you upload an image Then there will be option of alt tag, by clicking on it, you can add any related keyword to alt tag and title tag in its post. This makes pure post seo ready.

10. Post URL

When you write the title of the post, its URL becomes automatically generated but it is not so good for seo, in which you see the option to edit the URL, in which you can change the URL of your post and the URL of your post You can make SEO ready before you publish any of your posts and change the URL and use at least one of the keywords in the URL

My Though About Write SEO Friendly Article:

If you keep these things in mind while posting, then you will surely be able to post your post engine. Finally, I would like to say one thing that keep your readers in mind while writing the post and not the search engine. Because the search engine does the same post, which readers have liked.

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