WordPress Vs Blogger – Which is Best For Blogging ?


WordPress Vs Blogger

When you create an blog website you have two option face wordpress vs blogger. So, can’t decide the which one is better and why. So, in this articles we will clear all you doubts about about wordpress is good or blogger is good and why? Before you can start you can create an gmail account for any of them . So, we cover everything about both wordpress vs blogger. Then you should easily customize which one is better in wordpress vs blogger.

WordPress vs blogger have both good but some features can create difference between them. If you are thinking about starting a blog website for earning part time money but you have no knowledge about anything in blogging. Then you should go with blogger, but if you little bit knowledge about internet marketing, affiliate marketing and google adsense then you should go with wordpress. Your earning level is high in wordpress blog then blogger. So, if you doing hard-work in wordpress comparison to blogger then you can create good and high earning.




Domain Name

yourdomain.wordpress.com, you easily converted into custom domain.

yourdomain.blogspot.com, little be problem for custom domain.


130+ language supports

50 language supported

Image storage

3GB max, Upgrade for premium version

1GB max

Contact Form

Simply add the tag [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] to any post or page

Not available


It contains themes gallery and easily edit the themes.

It contains only templates not themes and easily customized.

Team blog

Administrator, editor, subscriber, and contributors

Administrator, and Author only


Fully backup restore by many plugins

Easy 1 way only


WordPress team control your blog

Google has control your blog





SEO- friendly

Hard work to make SEO-friendly

Page Index

WordPress page index contain atleast 4 weeks.

Blogger page index contains only 24 hours.

For Complete Details See Below:

1. WordPress


Domain Name: It is your website address name so anyone can easily visit to your website without facing any problem.
So, choose a very good domain name for your blog. When you using a free version of wordpress then it combine with the subdomain for your domain name like www.yourdomain.wordpress.com. If you can remove subdomain then you pay some $ to remove it.

Language: WordPress contains approx 200 language support, so you can easily customize your themes. Your database and many more. If you have good knowledge of any website development coding then it is good for you.

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Backup: It is most important for every website because hacker can even delete you website but if you have any backup then easily restore it. So, wordpress provided many plugins to backup your data and files.

Security: It is most important things to your website because if your website security is low then anyone can easily beach your security. They can fully control to your website. So, WordPress team is protect your blog or website.

SEO-friendly: Search engine optimization is good ways to boost up your website ranking. So, if you write an article for you website and this article is seo-friendly then it rank top to the search engine. Therefore wordpress provides the amazing plugins which is called as Yoast SEO and WordPress SEO.

Page Index: It is one of main reason your website is not show in any of browser. So you can index your website to any of the search engine. WordPress takes atleast 4 weeks to index your website.

2. Blogger(Blogspot.com)


Domain Name: In blogger you subdomain is blogspot.com and your full website name is like yourdomain.blogspot.com. If you transfer your domain it takes some time.

Language: It only support 50 language max. So, you can’t easily customize anything.

Backup: They have good backup feature but they allow only one backup in a month.

Security: It is quite good because google has provide the security features to your website blog. And protect from spam and hacker.

SEO-friendly: They face seo problem because they have not any plugins features like wordpress, So, it is face problem to write an article of seo-friendly.

Plugins: Blogger does not contains any plugins like features.

Page Index: Google has easily index the blogger website within an 24 hours. So, it is good features of blogspot.com. Therefore you can easily rank your website within an week.


1. Google likes wordpress way is better way so, they always puts wordpress blogs above blogger blog on search results.

2. You have more Power for better branding with wordpress. Make easier handle other things also.

3. Can you imagine having a smart phone without any apps? So, in wordpress apps like a plugins.

4. You can categorize your posts on wordpress and in blogger you can’t.

So, if you choose an wordpress for your blogging then it is right ways and definitely good ways for you website. I thinks all doubts about wordpress vs blogger are clear. If any other doubt any please comment below.

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