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broken link checker plugin

Hello guys, In this post we will learn about the wordpress broken link checker plugin, how do we remove the broken link from wordpress blog. Earlier, I had told about the inbound and outbound links. If you have a blog or website, then this post from techmenia will be very useful for you. So let’s first know something about the broken link.

What is Broken Links?

Broken Links are a dead link that present 404 (Error Page Not Found) dead link in your blog website. How does a broken link originate? When we link to another website or page in the blog and it changes in the link to that website. So, the link you gave to your blog breaks and gives that link 404 error not found. Or sometimes your blog’s internal link gets broken. It often happens that the comments made by the visitor are linked, which later generates 404 error dead link.

When the visitor clicks on the link of other sites in your blog and it is a 404 error, then bots (like google bots) are used to search engine 404 error status. Which decreases your blog’s seo ranking. This means that your blog has a negative effect on seo.

There are many free websites to check broken links, in which you can check dead links on your website blog. There are many plugins to check wordpress broken link such as broken link checker which makes it easy to check broken link check in your wordpress blog.

WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin:

Broken Link Checker Plugin is a very good plugin that searches for all broken links on your blog and also gives the option of redirect.

How to use broken:

First Click the wordpress “Broken Link Checker Plugin” and click “Install”. Now activate the plugin. Now go to Setting> link checker and set up. After setting, this automatic runs in your blog and keeps provided the information of the dead links.

broken link checker plugin

You have to set this up:

Look for links in: – (Enable these options)

  • blogroll item
  • comments
  • pages
  • posts
  • published

Which links to check:

  • html links
  • html images
  • plaintext urls
  • embeded youtube videos are for this video if you have embedded video in your blog.

Now your setting is completed, now after 1 – 2 hours when you login into your wordpress dashboard, this automatic will give you complete information about broken links. Now you can go to the Tools> link and there you will see a broken link on it, you can edit the changes in the link by clicking on the URL option.

broken link checker plugins

Here you will find 4 options and you will find UN-link, not broken, recheck, dismiss These options make the broken links management even easier.


One thing to keep in mind is that do not use the broken link checker plugin for a longer time. When you broken link checker for long then it slow down your website. Because link checker directly affected or loaded to the hosting server. Due to which your blog gets slowed, so when you use it, deactivate it or delete it. Use this plugin to pay you every single month and after dead link fix, deactivate it.

I hope this article is little bit effective for you. If you any type of query then please comment below. I will provide you best answer as soon as possible. Please this blog to help your friend who start the blog just.

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