What is Sitemap | How To Generate Sitemap For Your Blog

What is Sitemap ?

When you create a website in blogger or wordpress and writing so many article. But this articles are not show in the Google Search Result and you are worried about this things. And generally ask question yourself why my website is shown in google search result. Then you are here a word which is called sitemap. So, in this blog i will give you complete knowledge about what is Sitemap and how you can created.

What is Sitemap And How They Generate?

I have written an article about how submit Sitemap in google, step by step. In this blog post i have only talk about what is sitemap and how you can generate.What is Sitemap and how you can create easily in both the platform like blogger and wordpress. When you write an article on your blog they do not index automatically or to follow some steps to increase your page crawl speed.

When you an blog a URL are generated, this URL are not index in google. Therefore you blog are show in google search result. To  submit this URL in google sitemap then crawlers of google act on this URL and make your URL or blog post visible in google search result.

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemap is a type of file whose extension is XML and it is a free service that has been created by Google. This service is absolutely free in which the post details of our side are displayed in which it is said that Whenever a post is written and when it has been updated, anyone can see these details, with the help of this data, your site checks sitemap in Google, so that Google or other search engines are easy to index It is and you can use this tool together to optimize your blog if you have some error in your website or blog, then you can tell this tool.

If your website is WordPress then you can create a Sitemap of your website very easily with the help of a plugin, but if you do not have WordPress on your website or your website on Blogger, then you can use a website to make your website sitemap Which we are going to tell you today in this post.

How to Create a Website Sitemap Without Plugins-

If you are using Blogger then you can follow this step to submit or generate the Sitemap.

  • First of all, click on www.xml-sitemaps.com a new window will open in front of you, but you have to write about your website.
  • Write the name of your website first.
  • In the Change Frequency, you will always select the Sitemap of your website.
  • Nothing Changes You in Last Modification
  • In Priority you select Automatically Calculate.
  • Click on Start now.
  • After clicking Start, your website’s Sitemap will begin to be created on the next page.
  • After becoming a Sitemap, your website URL will be something like http://techmenia.com/Sitemap.xml
  • Submit it to Google Search Console. Another advantage of this is that if you have an error in your website or an eroor in a post, or if a post from your website gets deleted then you should know it from Google Search Console will go.
How to Build a WordPress Website Sitemap-

In WordPress, you will only need a plugin to create a Sitemap, we will suggest you the Yoast SEO plugin, just install it in your website and activate your website’s Sitemap.

  • Now you will get the option of this plugin in Sitemap
  • On the left sidebar in the WordPress Dashboard, you have to move the cursor to the option of SEO.
  • Click on the XML XML Sitemap.
  • And here’s your website’s Sitemap, right-clicking on it, link to this Sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.
  • To submit Google Search Console, you need to verify your website. Afterthat go to Google Search Console to click on your website.
  • Then click on the Crawl in the left side. Then click on the Sitemap and click Add / Test Sitemap in the right side and submit the link Sitemap_index.xml and submit it.

I think you will be understand what is Sitemap and how they generate. If you have any query related to this blog or any other question please comment below. If you found this article is little bit useful for you please share among your friend. Don’t forget to subscribe our techmenia blog for latest information like this.

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