What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

what is SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Most of the people are confuse in what is SEO and they important. SEO is nothing much is the process to increase you website in higher ranking. SEO stand for search engine optimization. Many of the peoples who is created website are always seen this name which is called SEO. They don’t know about what is SEO. With the help of SEO techniques search engine found that what your website is and what the content on your website. Therefore, if any people want to search any particular keyword then search engine point on your website or listed out among all other website. Mostly, they are two type SEO which is called White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

1. Words Matter

Web indexes represent each “word” on the web. When somebody looks for shoe repair, the web search tools can demonstrate an outcome which contains the shoe repair “words”.

2. Titles Matter

Each page on the web has an official title yet you may not ever observe it, since it’s in the code. Web indexes give careful consideration to page titles since they frequently compress the page like a book’s title.

3. Connections Between Sites Matter

When one site page connects to another it’s typically a suggestion telling peruses this site has great data. A website page which contains part of connections coming to it can look great to web crawlers. However, a few people endeavor to trick the web crawlers by making or by false connections everywhere throughout the web that point to their own particular site. Normally web search tools can recognize when a webpage has a ton of them and they represent it by giving connections from reliable locales more weight in the formula.

4. Words in Joins

The words that are utilized as a part of connections are additionally matter. Assume, if your website page says, Amazon has heaps of books and “books” is connected. Web search tools can set up association among amazon.com and this is identified with “books”. When somebody looks for “books” that site will rank well.

In the last web crawlers think about notoriety. Those destinations contains a reliable record of crisp connecting with substance and developing quantities of value connections might be viewed as rising stars and do well in seek rankings. These are only the nuts and bolts and the formulas are refined and changed constantly. Great SEO is tied in with ensuring your site has incredible substance. That is bolstered by the fixings that web indexes requirement for their formulas.

I think you know very well about what is seo. If you face any problem this question which is called as what is SEO then free to ask in the comment box.


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