What is Ports (Types)?

Do You Know About Ports

Ports are used to connect external devices to the computer. These are the connecting points of various devices to the computer. These exist several types of ports like serial,  parallel, USB, and AGP port.

1.Serial Ports: As the name suggests, the serial port transfers data serially a bit at a time. As a result, the serial port needs only wire to transmit 8bits. The disadvantage is that it takes 8 times longer to transmit a byte. Also, it is necessary to send a start bit before each byte of data, a stop bit after the byte to mark the end of byte and a parity bit to help check the integrity of data. They come in the form of 9-pin or 25-pin male connector. Serial ports are often known as communication (COM) ports or RS232C ports. The are typically used to connect devices like mouse and modem.

2.Parallel Ports: Parallel ports can send or receive a byte (8-bit) at a time. Unlike the serial port, these 8-bits are transmitted parallel to each other. They come in the form of 25-pin female connector. This are popularly used to connect printer, scanner, CD writer, zip drive, external hard disk disk, tape backup drive, etc.

3.USB(Universal Serial Bus) Ports: To spare the user botheration of 8-pin, 25-pin, male, female connectors, the USB has been designed. It gives you a single, standardized, easy-to-use to way to connect a variety of devices to a computer. These devices include printer, scanners, mice, joystick, digital camera, web cameras, speakers, telephones, zip drives, network connection, etc.

4.AGP Ports: The Accelerated Graphics Port is used to connect to graphics card that provides high-speed video performance typically required in games and other multimedia application. You should more about AGP.

5.InfraRed Ports: An IR port is port, which sends and receive infrared signals from other devices. In this special form of radio transmission, a focused ray of light in the infrared frequency spectrum, measured in terahertz, or trillions of hertz(cycles per second), is modulated with information and sent from transmitted to a receiver over a relatively short distance. Infrared radiation (IR) is the same technology used to control a TV set with a remote control.

Infrared data communication is playing an important role in wireless data communication due to the popularity of laptops computers, digital cameras, mobile telephones, pagers, and other devices.

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