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what is digilocker

Do you sometimes forget to take a driving license, your certificate, and aadhaar card before you get to work? I think you feel afraid to come out with your document that it will not be lost? Do you find it difficult to carry out many of your most important documents together? If yes, then now you have solved all these difficulties ‘What is DigiLocker’ DigiLocker.

What is DigiLocker System?

(What is DigiLocker?)The DigiLocker System is a cloud digital locker service launched by the Government of India, through which people can keep their required documents on DigiLocker. Users of the computer can use this digital locker service by the help of DigiLocker’s official website www.digilocker.gov.in and users of Android and iOS can download their application from their App Store. This service has been launched by India’s Department of Electronics and Information Technology.

Digital Locker as well as Digital India is a part of the first. The biggest reason for starting the DigiLocker is that people can be educated in a digital way. Along with the DigiLocker will be fully operational in every required institution, the paperwork will be reduced and the online services will be faster so that the work of the people will be completed in all the offices as soon as possible. So, this is all about what is DigiLocker and read further to know how can use it.

How to use DigiLocker App?

The use of DigiLocker is very easy and free. First you have to register your mobile number. After that, any person can register with the help of their Aadhaar number and after getting Aadhaar Verify through OTP, it can link linked documents to the DigiLocker app or website based on its basis.

what is digilocker

How to sign up in DigiLocker App?
  1. First of all go to the official website or download the DigiLocker app.
  1. Then click Signup on the website or app.
  2. After clicking on the signup, you will see a new list where you will have to enter your Mobile Number. By entering the mobile number and continuing, you will receive an OTP on your mobile number.
  3. Entering the OTP at the given place, you will see a new page where you need to enter the new username, password of your DigiLocker. Then click on Signup.
  4. Then your DigiLocker Account will open. First connect your base number to your DigiLocker by visiting the DigiLocker App. To add Aadhaar card first, enter your Aadhaar card number. On entering the Aadhaar card number, you will get an OTP on the Aadhaar link mobile number. By registering this OTP and continuing, all issued documents connected to the Aadhaar card will be displayed inside the DigiLocker.
  5. You can also add many other documents to DigiLocker by visiting Search Documents. If you want, you can upload your essential documents with the help of Upload option and also keep it on DigiLocker.
  6. The most important thing about DigiLocker is that you can easily see your document and download PDF from this app or website.
Benefits of DigiLocker:

There are several benefits of DigiLocker and we will mention below. If you can using DigiLocker you also this benefits.

  • You Documents are save and protected
  • Access anywhere in the country
  • Not required internet connection
  • You document are save in encrypted form, so hacker don’t access easily
  • Stored unlimited of document
  • You can protect some of the document by creating own password. So, that you if you friend also you password of DigiLocker they can’t access the document.

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