What is CDN | Why Its Important And What Features is Provide

what is CDN

Hey friends! Welcome to the Techmenia Blog. In this blog post i will be talking about what is CDN(Content Delivery Network) and why it requires or necessary on every blog or website. So, this is Manish Singh here from Techmenia, Today we will explain about every details like what is CDN and why it important and what features is provide. I hope after reading whole article you will clear your all the concept about what is CND. So, stay with us at the last of this blog post.

What is CDN? Why it Necessary For Your Blog?

Do you want to know why CDN is (what is CDN) and why it is important for your website and blog, then continue reading. There is nothing bigger than internet all over the world. Ever since the invention of the internet, it has secreted the minds of people. There is no such person in the world who is deprived of the name of the Internet term From our small questions to big questions.

We use the internet to find the answer. Internet has brought a lot of change in the lives of people and now these people have become the means of earning money. Now people are showing interest in doing online business and its popularity is increasing every day.

You must have seen a lot of people who start their career from good platforms like doctors, police, architects, engineers, etc. In the same way many people are starting their career with blogging too. The name of blogging has to be heard almost all.

Just as people from all walks of life create their own identity and celebrate, you can make your name and identity even by blogging (Advantage). To begin blogging, it is very important to know about many things and one of them is what is CDN.

What is CDN?

CDN’s full form is Content Delivery Network. The most important thing is to increase the loading speed of your blog. The most important thing about your blog or website is its loading speed. Which means if a user wants to see your blog or website in their browser, how long your blog will appear in the user’s browser, if your blog is taking a lot of time to load in users’ browsers, then The chances of visitors coming to your blog are very less. To avoid this problem, bloggers use the CDN.

Basically, when anyone or visitor are visit to your website or blog they simply redirected to the blog/website hosting server. Your web hosting server stays in central location, whenever visitors visit your site, the user will access the content of your site from the same web hosting server.

Any website or blog has the same web hosting server. Every visitors of your site will be able to access your website from that same server. So if there are more visitors in your site then your server will overload and slow down the loading speed of your site or your server crash may also happen.

what is CDN Content Delivery Network

To handle this situation CDN play a good role because they spread out your content all over the server in the world. So if you use CDN for your blog then all your contents are stored in all servers of CDN. So whenever users visit your site, the technology of CDN connects to the nearest server of the user, so that users can access your site quickly and easily.

It is very necessary to use CDN to speed up your site’s loading speed and to quickly load images and videos for other web content. The speed of your site increases with the use of CDN in your blog, and gives a better experience to your viewers.

Why is it Necessary to Use CDN in your Blog/Website?

When many of the visitors are visit continuously on your site then you web server or hosting face problem. To over this problem CDN is play an important role to solve the this problem. Due to this you know what is the CDN and why its important for your blog.

1 # Speed

The basic and more important advantage of using CDN is increase the loading speed of your website. Once you start using it, then the loading speed of your site increases significantly so that your visitors do not have to wait too long to load the site.

2 # Server Prevents Crashes

Your blog is very special and the visitors come to it, your server is afraid to crash. But if you use the CDN, then you will not be afraid of being a server crash because CDN splits the load of your main server into all its servers and from wherever your visitors visit your site Permission to access your site is given by CDN to your visitors, this is the reason that the main server of your site does not load much so that the worry of getting a server crash goes away.

3 # Improves the User Experience

By using CDN it improve the user experience because when your website/blog is loaded fast then visitor stay with your blog for long time. Due to that they also increase your page view as well. The faster your site will open, the better your users will experience.

4 # Google Rankings

One factor of Google’s page load time search engine ranking is that whenever the content delivery network service. You will speed up your site a lot and in addition it will be bounce rate. Reduces your website / content as fast as you can for any website, the better it becomes.

5 # Good Traffic to Your Site Handle

Whenever your blog posts become very famous, there is a lot of traffic going on your server and its. Due to your site, I get an Internal server error, which causes the Database error to occur. With delivery network service you can easily control such a down time and your site will be more traffic handles

6 # Reduces Your Hosting Cost

When you use dedicated or VPS hosting, you can reduce your cost to a great extent by using CDN. CDN is much cheaper than web hosting and because your files come to sleep with CDN servers. You do not have to worry about the bandwidth cost of your web hosting

Now you must have understood what is CDN? CDN is very important for your blog because with the help of this, your loading speed of your blog increases due to which the chances of getting more traffic are also increased. So this was some information related to CDN that could be very favored for your blog.

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