What is a Domain Name ?

Domain names and internet concept

Domain And Its Types

Domains names are a special name that you can apply to your website or MySpace page. Once you apply it to your website, users can reach your website by typing this domains name into the browser’s address bar.

Example of domains name are Yahoo.com, great-workout.com and google.com. You can reach the ‘great workout’ website by its domains name (great-workout.com) into the address bar.

About “WWW”

Most websites have a www subdomain applied to their domains name so that you can reach the website by typing “www” followed by the domain name (eg, www.yahoo.com). This is done on the DNS server after you’ve registered the domain name, and nothing to do with the domain name itself(i.e., you can add www to any domain name). You can also add other subdomains as you wish.

One person/company can own a domain name at any time. Therefore, if you want mycompany.com but someone else ha it, you will need to either find another name, or offer to buy it from them. You could also wait for it expire and hope they don’t re-register it.. but you should be waiting a long time!

Types of domains name

1.Top-Level Domains: The last segment of a domains name (eg .com) is referred to as the top-level domain. There are many more top-level domains than just those with a .com suffix. There are many other suffixes that can be used, such as .net, .org, .biz, .info to name a few.

2. Low level Domains Name: Why this called as low level domains they are not mostly used. The low level domains are like a .tk .su .so .biz. and many more. Most of the country this name of domains are free of cost. Anyone can easily register on this domains without paying anything.

I hope this article is useful of your knowledge about domains and its type.


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