What are the uses of Function Keys


Uses Of Function Key

Many of them people uses computer and laptops but only some of people know the uses of function key. Function key are the key which is situated at the top of the keyboard.


The function key lie from F1 to F12.

 F1 Key: It is use open the help center. Help center is help to provide the information of any software and any type of details. For open help center you should simply press the F1 button in keyboard but in the laptops you want press function key (fn)+F1 to open the help center.

F2 Key: This is used to rename of the folder. Simply select the folder and press F2 for renaming.

F3 Key: This key is simply used to search any application by pressing F2 button directly but in laptops use function key with F2.

F4 Key: If you only press the F4 key nothing will happen. If you press alt+F4 then the running application is closed. Another option is then if you are on window or desktop and then press alt+F4 the shut down or restart option will shown.

F5 Key: This key is used to refresh the computer. This refresh are also done in browser.

F6 Key: This key is used to decrease the volume of the speaker and also if you using a browser and try to jump directly on the url then simply press F6.

F7 Key: There is nothing use in windows operating system. This is only used in any spelling check while using powerpoint or word pad.

F8 Key: While opening you computer and press F8 button then you simply go to the save mode option. While using in Msword pad if you select the word simply press the F8 key.

F9 Key: There is nothing use in computer and laptops. This key is only used in Msword pad. By using this press alt with F9.

F10 Key: There is nothing used in computer and laptops. While you using Msword then simply press shift+F10 to show the shortcuts menu.

F11 Key: These key basically used to full mode option. Suppose you using any browser and try to use in full screen then simply press F11.

F12 Key: There is no used in desktop. While you are using laptops and press F12 then you laptop are in flight mode. There is another use in Ms word, if you want to save the file simply press F12 and click on save it option.

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