What are LTE and VoLTE? Difference Between Them


You are here this two different network many times but many of them are not know what it is. So, in the blog post, I will clear all your doubts about LTE and VoLTE and their differences. These both are network technology but they are very different in their work. So, read this whole article for your better knowledge.

What are LTE and VoLTE and Difference Between them?

Today we talk about what the LTE and VoLTE features are. But do you know what the difference between these two is? Perhaps you will not know the people out of a lot. So friends will tell you in today’s article that what LTE and VoLTE mean. The way the technology is changing every day, the network is changing as well. There was a time when people 2G technology

What is LTE?

  1. LTE is the Mobile Internet Technology standard.
  2. It is believed that LTE is considered to be a great technical development on both CDMA and GSM standards.
  3. This was used several years ago. Nowadays, LTE is becoming increasingly available worldwide and mobile internet service providers are changing their network from 3G to 4G LTE,
  4. LTE is currently the fastest data transfer technology and soon it will be used in all mobile internet technologies can be most effective.
  5. LTE supports download speed of 100 Mbps per second and uploads at a speed of 50 Mbps.

What is VoLTE?

  1. VoLTE’s full name (VoLTE Full Form) is voice over LTE.
  2. VoLTE is a technology in which you can send sound and data to any mobile network without reducing the sound quality.
  3. In case of LTE, if you make a voice call and you also have a data connection So the quality of sound will be reduced
  4. Therefore, to call a good quality voice you have to close the data. You may have noticed that in case of 2G and 3G, some phones automatically stop data transfer when you are making phone calls so that Can maintain quality sound quality.
  5. In the case of VoLTE, voice quality will not be reduced even when your data connection is turned on. VoLTE is very easy to communicate over the telephone on the data network.
Difference between LTE and VoLTE



Stands for Long Term Evolution

Stands for Voice over LTE

LTE is the mobile Internet technology standard.

VoLTE’s full name (VoLTE Full Form) is voice over LTE.

Mainly designed as a data transmission technology

Designed to move both voice and data.

Morally speaking does not support voice transmission.

Supports data transmission with voice as well.

If the data is left on the connection then the quality of the voice decreases.

The sound quality is excellent even when the data connection is on.

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