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usb debugging mode

What is USB Debugging Mode? And what are the benefits? While using the Smartphone we often need some such features, which we do not know about, and we do not understand this and if the work stops, friends today I talk about one of those features the user who is named USB Debugging.

Android USB Debugging Mode

The Friends USB Debugging feature has many advantages, if you are an Android Phone user, then maybe a little bit, you will definitely know about it, if it does not know, then this post must be read in full. In this post you will find USB debugging What are the modes? And what are the benefits of this and how you enable the Android USB Debugging Mode. So let’s first know what the USB Debugging Mode is?

What are USB Debugging Mode?

You must have noticed that when you connect your phone to a computer, a screen is open on the phone where it is written USB Connected, from which you can transfer data from your phone to PC or from it Are there. But after activating the same usb debugging, you assign your phone to the full Axis PC.

Android USB Debugging Mode As you may have known by its name, it is tracing a bug through USB and tracing it to work with it. Telling you the developer of the Android App of this process, help the process of connecting the Android phone to the computer and test the applications in the Android Studio Kit and fix it by detecting problems related to it.

But if I talk about the same today, the USB Debugging option has been used in addition to the developers, now it has also been used for common users and it is also very useful.

 Some Features of USB Debugging –

With this help you can do many other things in your phone such as you can install Custom Recovery and Custom ROM, and with the help of it you can root your phone. Overall, this option is very useful, if you want to ax your phone at the advanced level and want to root the phone, you should know something about it.

If I tell you this in a simple language, USB Debugging Mode creates a connection between the computer and the phone with which you can transfer all the data of your phone into the PC, and in addition to the PC to the phone, Can. By enabling USB debugging mode, this gives you the convenience of using your device’s system and files to High Level.

What are the benefits of USB Debugging Mode?

USB Debugging has many benefits, which you can use to transfer data from your phone to PC, apart from this you can use the Android Studio SDK in your phone to connect it. Also, if you want to root your phone then you can do it with the help of it, very easily, you can also install Custom Recovery in your phone as well as any Custom ROM installed.

Apart from this, you can work with a lot and make your phone more Awesom, but a lot of work is possible only after the phone is rooted, because after that you get full control over your phone. So let us now know how to enable usb debugging mode?

How to Enable Android USB Debugging Mode?

To enable USB Debugging modes you must first enable “Developers Mode” on your phone. In order to enable it, first you have to go to “Settings” on your phone, here you will see “About Phone” option, open it and open it. Now here you will see “Build Number” Now here you have to tap 6-8 consecutive times, after which the Developers Option will be enabled on your phone. See  below image.

usb debugging mode
Image Source-Kingoapp

You will now see a new option in “Settings” on your phone which will be above your phone’s “About Phone” Called “Developers Options”. Now when you go to Developer Options, here you will see a USB Debugging Modes option which you can enable and use.

I hope this information would like you to know this and you may have understood what are USB Debugging? And what are the benefits? Connected with Facebook Page to stay connected and updated with similar information. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can ask or ask by comment or by visiting the Ask Questions page. Thank you for your time. ..

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