Types of RAM Explained: DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4

DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4

DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4

When you have buy computer, laptops or even mobile phones one uneven term is comes again and again which is called RAM. Everyone knows that what is RAM and why it is required for the computer or mobiles phone. RAM stand for random access memory, it is the type of memory in which application or any program can stored partially in this memory. They are different from Hard Disk. When the computer is power off then this memory can deleted all the data from the memory. RAM is used for the increasing of the speed of work or data transfer from one to another. This is why RAM is used. But when you computer seller ask you which types of RAM you required or want. They also give you suggestion that you should DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4 then you should confuse and buy anyone of them. So in these articles we have to explain all the types of RAM and which one is best for you.

DDR (Double Data Rate)

It is stand for double data rate and this was the first introduced in 1996. The work of DDR RAM is utilizes both the rising and falling edge of the system clock. They have also a tendency of doubling the speed of the memory. As the technology is increase day by day then, the amongst of all DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4 DDR is smallest and only found in the video cards and computer memory such as DDR-SDRAM. This is first RAM type of among all DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4.

DDR2 (Double Data Rate 2)

They have stood for Double Data Rate 2. This is the improved version of the DDR memory. They provide faster and more efficient work on the same time. They can send data on both rising and falling edges. The transfer rate is 3200MBps. They can increase the work on the limited of time. In the DDR2 RAM have more bandwidth as a result they have transfer more data through RAM chips at one time. They have consumed less amount of power comparison to DDR.

DDR3 (Double Data Rate 3)

DDR3 RAM consumed less amount of power comparison to the DDR2 by 35%. They can also transfer the data twice as fast. The transfer rate of DDR3 RAM is 6400MBps. If you use DDR3 RAM on your computers then they can transfer data to and from the CPU much faster than systems with DDR2 RAM. They can transfer large amount of data in less time. Suppose you have similar computer but only differ for RAM then you notice that DDR3 RAM computer works very well and data transfer very fast.

DDR4 (Double Data Rate 4)

They have consumed less power to comparison with all the RAM types. If you want to buy a computer then you should buy DDR4 RAM memory because the loading and transferring the data to from the CPU are very fast. They can improve your gaming as well as working level on the computer. DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4 are of the best among all.

I hope this article is useful for you. If you have any problem regarding DDR vs. DDR2 vs. DDR3 vs. DDR4 then please comment below.

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