Top 6 Best Exercise to Reduce Arm Fat Naturally

reduce arm fat fast

Many of the men or women and also teenage children are suffering from this problem which is called arm fat. Arm fat is generally found those people who is overweight but in many of the other phenomena also occur and this arm fat are found many of the people in today’s generation. So, how is to be reduce arm fat fast and how to is be control for increasing. We will provide you best and tested method to reduce arm fat naturally by the help of exercise.You can also use fruits for overall fat loss of your body.

  1. Scissors ExerciseArms exerscie

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Scissors Exercise is one of the common exercises you can do at home and reduce your arm fat very fast within a month. You can follow all the steps:
Stand straight, keeping your feet apart.

Keep your hands straight in front of you in shoulder height.

Stretch them to the sides and then bring back in front of you and overlap left arm with your right arm like a pair of scissors.

Go back to the first position.

Repeat the moves and how overlap right arm with your left arm.

Do this at least 15 to 20 minutes to tone up your arms.

  1. Arm Rotation

Arm Rotation is one of the good exercises to lose your arm fat. In this you can rotate your arms as we mention below of process.

Stand straight and hold a ½ liter water bottle in each hand.

Keep your feet apart.

Rotate your arms, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise.

Do each rotation for 60 seconds.

Repeat is 5-10 times.

  1. Lifting Weights

Lifting Weight is very good and effective way to lose your over all arm fat and also body fat. More weight is applying then more intense and fast result you gain. So, try to use light weight and increase your capacity to doing more.

Hold 2 liter water bottle or something else with your hands and lift it over your head.

Keep your arms straight by holding the water bottle.

Now lower the weight, by talking it behind your back and try to lower it as low as you can.

Bring up the weight above your head, again.

Move your arms slowly to get the toned arms.

Do 10-15 times up to 3 times a day.

  1. Wall Push Ups

This is great exercise you can do at any where or any time. Wall pushups exercise is very effective among all because you can do at anywhere or anytimes.

Stand at the distance of an arm’s length from the wall, facing it with your legs slightly apart.

Lean your body forward and put your palms flat on the wall at shoulder height and shoulder-with apart.

Inhale and bending your elbows, press your body toward the walls as if doing a push-up.

Hold the position for 1 second.

Exhale and push back to the original position.

Repeat 10-15 times.

Rest and then repeat 10-15 more times.

  1. Chair Dips

Place a chair against a wall and sit on the edge of the chair with your arms gripping the edges of the sides of the chair.

Keep your feet flat on the ground slightly apart, gripping the edges firmly.

Bring yourself forward so that your buttocks are in the air and off the chair.

Lower your body toward the ground and back in the first position slowly.

Start with 1 set of 6 to 8 reps and many do up to 3 sets.

  1. Counter Push Ups

Stand facing the bench, table or counter.

Place your hands on the counter, slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Realign your feet so that your arms and body are completely straight.

Check that your arms are perpendicular to your body.

Keeping your body straight, bend your elbows to slowly lower your chest to the edge of the bench.

Return to the start position by pushing your body away from the bench.

Repeat for 3 sets of 20.

What Should You Avoid to Reduce Arm Fat?

Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Cut down your calorie intake.

Don’t skip the first meal of the day.

Set smaller plates.

Cut out the intake of sugary beverages, processed food and alcohol.

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