Top 10 Youngest Hacker In World

Top Young Hackers In World

1. Christopher Vaughn hassle in 2014 a five year old youngest hacker boy from San Diego became known to Microsoft. The reason why one day Christopher wanted to play some Xbox games that weren’t age-appropriate to get around this. He hacked into his dad’s xbox live accounts to access the games.Christopher would simply go to his dad’s account and type in an incorrect password. He would take him to a password verification screen where he used a Microsoft glitch and was able to hack into the account.

This course exposed a major Microsoft security flaw. Which allows anyone to hack into any Xbox Live account. When his dad found out he contacted Microsoft as this could potentially ruin some people’s Xbox experience. Microsoft fixed the glitch and even added Christopher’s name to a list of security researchers who have helped to make Microsoft products safer.

2.Ryan clearly and Jack Davis this 17 year old hacking duo from the UK caused widespread confusion and anger in 2012 and you likely know them as low tech. This youngest hacker, hacked into various companies government agencies and websites. They hacked the CIA the Pentagon and the English National Health Service exposing many secret files.

They became famous for pranking the Sun newspaper by replacing their homepage with an obituary of the websites owner and media mogul Rupert Murdoch unsurprisingly. After all of the attacks the duo were arrested and are now serving jail. This is one of the best hacker in among others.

3.DJ stolen:

17-year old known as DJ stolen he hacked into dozens of pop stars computers and stole a lot of unreleased tracks. He hacked and exposed to the music of Lady Gaga Ke$ha, Justin Timberlake, Mariah Carey, and Leona Lewis. In addition to this he downloaded images of Ke$ha without any clothing. He was sentenced to a year and a half in prison and was also sent to therapy for Internet addiction.

4. We have team poison in 2012 two 16 year old boy is known as team poison hacked into the UK police’s headquarters known as Scotland Yard. They recorded confidential phone calls made to and within Scotland Yard. They were able to bypass the decades-old security technology with expert hacking to listen and record incredibly sensitive calls.

These involved government strategies and even information on high-profile criminals and victims to activists. If he uploaded the secret calls to YouTube for the public to see almost like a real-life silver from James Bond. The boys were arrested and sent to prison after a YouTube user called Scotland Yard to report the videos.

5. Cod hacker in 2014 a 14 year old Irish gamer decided to hack online servers of Call of Duty mw2. He did this to obtain usernames, passwords and more information of Xbox Live users. The Hat was discovered by Microsoft and his account was closed. You might assume that Microsoft took this kid to court but on the contrary he was so Impressed they hired him to work for them to develop their security systems. Well that’s one way to work for Microsoft.

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6.In 2014 an 11 year old Canadian boy was found to have launched a series of DDoS attacks against Canadian government websites. He did this during the student protests in Quebec the websites included at the Montreal police and the Quebec Institute of Public Health. They edited the home page see Stata and shut the site’s down for two days causing 260 thousand dollars worth of damage.

He was arrested but only served 18 months of probation after pleading guilty. Who knows what this kid will be able to do. when he’s older next up is real-life Ferris Bueller we all remember the scene in Ferris Bueller where he hacked the school’s computer from his house to change his grades when you saw this you likely thought this was fantasy and wished you could do it yourself.

7. The unnamed youth may also have taken the opportunity the change the grades of his schoolmates.In 2012 a 14-year old student at a New Hampshire school hacked into the school’s computers from his home and changed his grades. His teachers were angry but were also shocked at how amazing he was at computing not only did he make his grades better but he also made the grades of his bullies worse looks like this hacker knows how to serve up some justice.

8. This is another youngest hacker, she is a 10 year old female hacker from California. She has hacked into many popular mobile games and has created and exposed glitches as well as hacking into the games. She says, she got bored of waiting for farming games to pay out rewards.

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It was, when she planted some corn that would take 10 hours to grow that. She knew things had to change she hacked the game to make the crops grow instantly and exposed the vulnerability to others it’s this girl a lazy gamer or a genius hacker. The named was mystery.

9. Aron’s Bomb this 14 year old youngest hacker boys has loved computers for as long as. He can remember at the age of 6, he proved his computing knowledge by programming apps but in 14 he was already using his knowledge for bad. They hacked into his school’s computer system after gaining access to an admin password from there. He hacked all of the teachers accounts and changed various passwords he was expelled. When his school found out despite his wrong doings his mother blamed the school for their lack of cybersecurity.

10. Betsy Davies in 2015, 7 year youngest hacker from london hacked an open Wi-Fi hotspot and she did, so using a basic computer laptop. She was able to access all of the phones and laptops connected to the free public Wi-Fi network due to this she could hack email accounts online bank accounts and other passwords. However she had no deep knowledge of computers or hacking so how did she do this. Well she simply watched an 11 minute YouTube video on how to do it. She was later hired by a VPN website which tests security that’s one way to land a job and that just about wraps up.

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