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make your own blog for free

Hello friends how are you all. In today’s post we will learn that How to Make Your Own Blog For Free – Top 10 Sites List on which you can Make Your Own Blog For Free. If you also want to create a free blog on which you can promote your business or you have the right to write, you can write and share.

Regardless of what you need, I will tell you some top 10 sites today, with the help of which you will be able to make your own blog for free, but before this, there are some things that you should take when you first need to understand.

Make Your Own Blog For Free

If you want to become a Content Writer and want to make a blog for blogging and earn money from it, you have to give time and patience, because some people are like those who have created a blog Thinks that the money will now start and they have planted a palm tree from which the money will start to fall.

So friends will have to understand the basics of blogging because in today’s time nothing is so easy, everything has to be given to the time, whether it is business or any other work. It takes patience and time to make a success.

Some Important Things Related to Blogging –

As I told you that nothing is impossible, but easy to make it is in our hands. Now if you want to create a free blog and do not want to spend anything for it, then it is not possible, because you have to spend for it, in reality, it seems that we keep a Free Blog. But for that we have to give time, for this it is necessary that a laptop or a computer is required and with this it is necessary to have internet.

Even if you have a smart phone, you can create a blog, but overall you have to spend something for it even if it is Internet or your time. But in fact, whatever we need is we have it, so we call it free.

Friends, you tend to get Provide occurs can start your blog in two ways, which one is Self Hosted, which you would have to purchase Hosting Plan own blog and the other is Free Hosting which you provided by Companies Free .

“Self Hosted” – You have to buy both Domain and Hosting and then you can create a blog.

“Free Hosting” – You only need one domain, which you can use with free hosting to create a free blog.

You would benefit both the way the, if you are new in a Blogging and the field so I can take you say you Experience as a free blog, which you can create a Pro Blog with Self Hosting. You can move or transfer the blog you are working on later to Self Hosting.

Which Website To Make Your Own Blog For Free –

Before creating a blog we choose a unique Domain Name for him, the Domain Name of blogs like our blog works, to enter the browser to the Url you will come to this blog .

Similarly any need Domain Name to create a blog, so now I have to make the same if free blog Your Domain elected by get out a Subdomain with Name, For Example thing so like mine Domain Url These are purchased and if they take it in free, then it will be something like this. “techmenia” is a free subdomain, you can take it with any free service, whichever free service you use, with your domain.

What are the Benefits of Creating a Free Blog?

There are many advantages to creating a blog with free blogs, which is the most important benefit of the blog, the biggest benefit of which is that your website will never be down or server error, its bandwidth itself manage after the traffic of your blog increases. And secondly, Adsense is easily approve on this, and you do not have to spend money for it, and you can use it in Lifetime Free.

Damage to Creating Free Blog?

Free thing is also free, if you use something in All Free, then Limitations can be found only. The biggest disadvantage of free blogs is that if you do not follow the rules of online, then your blog can be ban because you have to follow the rules of any company that you use hosting.

Also, you can not customize your blog correctly, you only have to use what you get. It has an effect on Ranking and Earning because this service is free, if you apply Adsense by creating a blog on someone other than Google Blogger, there are fewer chances of Approval.

Top 10 Sites List on Which You Make Your Own Blog For Free

Now there are many things related to blogging, talk about work and Top 10 Sites List on which you can create Free Blog:

1. –

Blogger is the best way to create a free blog and start blogging, because it is Google’s company, i.e. the free service given by Google, and the other special thing is that it is open that everyone can use it Are there. But when you create a blog on it, you have to start a blog with the given domain, that is, with

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Also, when you create a blog on it, because of Google’s product, you get benefits from it, as it is easy to rank in the blog, as well as get lots of free templates, for which you can get third You can easily download and download from Party Websites. Plus all the facilities related to the customization of the blog are available. This is one of the best website to make your own blog for free.

2. –

WordPress friends are after Blogger or Yoon Kahuna is the best WordPress blog. This is considered the most famous platform for blogging. Friends, let’s tell you, there are two Optinons to create a blog on WordPress which has and are both WordPress. But you can create free blogs by using, and you can start with custom domain and hosting at WordPress. Org.

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You can create a free blog on, but you can not transfer it to a custom domain again, as well as you can not use Google Adsense on it, you only have to associate Affiliate Marketing Have to resort to

3. –

Tumbler is also a platform and easy Blogging Platform, which seems to be largely Twitter. You can use it for social blogging, which means that if you are more active on online social sites, then this is fine for you. Many bloggers use it for Off-Page SEO.


You can create a free blog on as well as use other advertising services, there are many Designs for Blog Customization that you can use, but you can only 500MB of storage in its Free Plan and 1GB bandwidth is available, and if you want more then you have to take premium packege.

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If you have an online store or you want to permote your product, then this is fine for you.

5. –

The website has been running California since 2006, the most important thing is that it is the most famous for the Personal Blog by the logo and also included it in the list of “Top Best 50 Websites” in 2007 I went. There are more than 10 Million Personal Blogs on this.

After creating a blog on it, you can change its domain with a custom domain name, and it is also easy to use it, in which you can easily drag and manege your Blog Menu, Pages, Category.

6. –

Medium is also a good option for creating a blog, founder of Twitter founder has created it. These are good for small bloggers. But if you are a Hindi content writer then these platforms do not prove to be very effective for you, as well as you can not use any of the advertisements on this, although your information remains much safer on this.

7. is also a great platform for blogging, on which you can create a blog, you also get subtle features on which you can create a good blog, firstly all these features are freely provided. But now there are some things to charge for, as well as you can start with the premium plan on this.

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8. –

Edublogs, as its name can only know, for which are the preppers, friends can make a blog related to education here. This website has been running since 2005 and you will find millions of blogs related to education, if you want to create such a blog, then come here with this help you can create an Educational Blog.

9. –

LiveJournal, as its name suggests, here is a job of writing and reading Live. It has its own Ads, which you need to get involved in its Paid Plan to remove it.

There are currently 15 million + websites and blogs on it, in which you get many features like Polls, Comments and Multiple Author etc. You can also upload Video as well as send Private Message as well.

10. –

You can also create a blog on, if you want to delete something else, and you can get the custom domain facility. This is also a good blogging platform like others.


I hope you guys have understood that Which Website To Make Your Own Blog For Free- Top 10 Sites List on which you can create Free Blog. There are so many good platforms in the list of free blogging sites mentioned so far and some are not very effective, everyone

There are your own advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to earn money through blogging, then I will recommend that you create Free Blog on Blogger as it is available free of cost on this blog.

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