How To Submit Sitemap To Google 2018 | Step By Step (With Pictures)

submit sitemap to google

Submit Sitemap To Google

In today’s articles, we will tell you how to submit sitemap to Google Search Engine through Create sitemap. If you submit a sitemap xml file to your site in Google search console or Google Webmaster tools (which is created by Google) Google will crawl your site well and make accessible for all users. So in this article we will learn how to submit a sitemap in Google webmaster tools.

Why use Google webmaster tools to add a Sitemap XML file to Google?

When you submit a Sitemap in the Google search console tool and whenever you publish a new content, a ping is sent to Google and Bing so that they can know about the changes in your submit sitemap. We advise you to use Google Webmaster Tools to submit your sitemap file to Google web search engines. The advantage of this is that google webmaster tools will show any errors, pages indexed and other stats that occur on your site, which will prove useful to you.

How to submit  Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

You must first go to Google Webmaster Tools to submit a Sitemap. If you are not signed in to your Google Account, you will need to sign in. After this, you have to click on the “ADD A PROPERTY” button to add your website to webmaster tools, and add your website URL.


sitemap submission

On the next screen you will be asked to verify for website ownership. There are several ways to verify your site in Google webmaster tools. But we will show you the verification by Yoast SEO plugin, which is the easiest way.

This requires clicking on the “Alternate methods” tab in Google webmaster tools and then on the HTML tag. You will now be able to see an HTML Meta tag code.

link submission on sitemap

This HTML Meta tag code must be pasted by visiting the “Webmaster tool” section of Yoast SEO plugin, then clicking on the Save changes button.

submit sitemap to google

Go back to Google webmaster tools and click the “Verify” button to verify your site.

submit sitemap to google

You will see an alert “Congratulations you have successfully verified your ownership of”. Click the continue button to go to your webmaster tools dashboard.

Then click on Crawl >> Sitemaps >> ADD / TEST SITEMAP to submit your Create WordPress sitemap.

upload xml sitemap in googleYoasts WordPress SEO plugin publishes multiple sitemaps alone for your WordPress site. Main submit sitemap XML “sitemap_index.xml” which also includes links to your other website xml sitemap. You can either submit sitemap_index.xml alone or submit all other sitemap xml files one by one. We suggest you submit sitemap_index.xml alone. Google will automatically detect other sitemaps and crawl them.

After successfully adding your create sitemap file to google webmaster tools, it will appear pending. It will take some time for Google to crawl your website. After some time you will be able to see stats about your submit sitemap. This will show the number of links and indexed stats in your submit sitemap.

sitemap submission compleated

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