Stock ROM vs Custom ROM in Android | Which One is Best?

difference between stock rom vs custom rom

If you are an Android mobile user then you must have thought about upgrading Android version of Android Mobile. So, in that case you must have heard about Stock ROM and Custom ROM but can you tell me what is the stock rom and custom ROM in Android? What is the difference between these two should we upgrade to our phone custom rom (what is stock rom and custom rom? difference between Stock ROM vs Custom ROM).

Stock ROM vs Custom ROM in Android

To upgrade an Android version of your Android mobile you must be able to go to Google Search (How To Upgrade Software Version to Lollipop Marshmallow and Android Oreo).If your Android mobile version is Lollipop, so you thought of upgrading to Marshmallow.

If your phone has Marshmallow Android version then you would have thought of upgrading to Nogate. But the way you told us to upgrade your phone Expertise is that most Custom Rom reported no Stock Rom is then what the hell. Let’s get to know what stock is Rom and custom Rom and What is the difference between stock rom vs custom rom.

What is Stock Rom?

Stock Rom is an original ROM which is pre-loaded in your mobile such as KitKat Android version, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Oreo etc. Whatever your mobile is inserted, we call Stock Rom. It’s a kind of Original Rom is when you get a new phone with whatever Android version you get in the mobile. It is called stock Rom.

This rom is made by Google company and is very less. When it has any kind of bug (Bug) or error found that there is some kind of bug or error at Google Updates you do fix the error.

What is Custom Rom?

Custom ROM is a third party ROM made by any developer that you install in your mobile and you have to route your mobile to install it. All the customization you get in this ROM. That is, the developer of these custom ROMs, they make changes in this operating system according to their own and upload it for download in internet.

In this case, there can be any errors or bugs in this custom ROM, and in most Custom ROMs. If you have problems with the problem of error or a function, then error and bug in custom rom (Bug) and once you install this ROM, you can not fix this error or bug. You will need to install another ROM for this.

While all of this you will not get stock inside the stock ROM. If you face any kind of errors or bug while installing a custom rom then google company has no responsibility to these errors or bug.  You can simply uninstalled the previous rom and install new on when you find any bug or errors. Let us have come to know the difference between these two.

Difference between Stock ROM vs Custom ROM
  • Stock ROM is made by the developer of Google company, which we can call as Original Rom. While Custom ROM develop by any developer who also knows about coding.
  • Installing the stock ROM in the mobile keeps your mobile warranty. If you install custom rom in your mobile, then your mobile warranty will end.
  • You have fewer chances in stock Rom that if you have any errors or bugs in the coding, if there is a bug, then Google fixes it and send you updates while any developer changes custom ROM accordingly. So you get all the errors and bugs in it and once you install it you cannot correct its error.
  • Stock ROM is built by Google, so we can rely on their security while custom ROMs can be made by any developer, so their security cannot be trusted.
  • In Stock Rom, you cannot delete Inbuilt Android Apps which is already installed in mobile. But in custom rom you can uninstall any kind of mobile app inside.
  • You cannot customize font styles in Stock Rom, while you can customize in custom ROMs.
  • Stock ROM is Safe. But if you install custom ROMs, it may also cause your mobile phone Brick or Dead to install incorrect ROMs.

If your Android Phone is new or under warranty then you can install custom. When your warranty is gone you can replace it by other rom. You can only install custom rom when you customized your android phone like removing unwanted apps which you have not used. And the benefits of Stock ROM vs Custom ROM is mention above.

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