snapdragon 821 vs 835

Snapdragon 821 vs 835 | Head To Head Comparison

Processors are the most contributed to the performance of any smartphone. Whenever users buy new smartphones, first of all focus on the price, camera and battery. But let us tell you that the phone processor is also very important to all of these. Because this can be an idea of ​​the phone’s performance. In this news we are going to tell you the difference between snapdragon 821 vs 835 and which processor is better for your phone.

What is the Difference Between Snapdragon 821 vs 835?

Snapdragon 821 was introduced with better speed, power saving and app performance than ever before. This chip works up to 10 percent faster than its old version snapdragon 820. At the same time, the Snapdragon 835 chip is capable of delivering 27 percent better performance than Snapdragon 820. This chip is 30 percent smaller than the Snapdragon 820 processor.

• Snapdragon 835 is made from the new 10 nm FinFET process which consumes 40 percent less power. At the same time, the Snapdragon 821 chip is made of 14 nm process.

• Snapdragon 835 has been supported by Quick Charge 4.0, which will support charging 20 percent more than Snapdragon 821. At the same time, Snapdragon 821 supports quick charge 3.0.

• Snapdragon 835 supports 32-megapixel camera’s high-resolution camera. These 16 megapixels can also have two dual cameras. On the other hand, if Snapdragon 821 is talked about, then it supports the 28 megapixel camera.

• Snapdragon 835 supports the download speed of one Gbps and the upload speed of 150 Mbps. At the same time, Snapdragon supports upload speed of 821 600 Mbps and upload speed of 150 Mbps.

• Snapdragon 835 chip comes with 8 cores. All of these courses work on creo 280. Its first 4 core works at 2.4 GHz. At the same time, the remaining 4 core works at 1.7 GHz. At the same time, the Snapdragon 821 chipset has a 4 -core action CPU including clock speed of up to 2.4 GHz.

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• Adreno 540 GPU for snapdragon 835 for graphics, then Adreno 530 GPU has been given in Snapdragon 821.

What will be the benefits of Snapdragon 835?

1- Battery overheat can also get rid of:

• The company has said that it has taken much care of safety in developing it. In Quick Charge 4, Qualcomm has provided several types of protections that will save the smartphone from over charging and over heating. The Snapdragon 835 smartphone has four-layer protection to avoid over healing, as well as a three-layer current voltage protection. The special thing is that battery life and backup can be increased through this processor.

2. Keep the battery cooled up to 5 degrees:

• The company claims that the smartphone with Snapdragon 835 will be cool for up to 5 degrees compared to the previous processor. Apart from this, it will charge 20 percent faster than the previous processor and 30 percent more battery performance.

3. Such will change the world of smartphones:

• At least the high end smartphone world is going to change from this processor. Whether it’s speed or fast charging, this processor will be capable of all of them. With these changes, where the mobile experience of the users will be better, there will also be a shortage of problems related to the battery and performance.

Conclusion: (Snapdragon 821 vs 835)

According to our point of view, “835 has a performance capacity of 27 percent compared to Snapdragon 821. Where Snapdragon 835’s download speed is 1 Gbps. At the same time, the download speed of the 820 processor is 600 Mbps. Qualcomm’s latest processor supports Quick Charge 4.0. At the same time, it consumes 40 percent less power. ”

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