How To Setup CloudFlare Free CDN On Your Blog

Many of the new blogger are face lower speed of website. They can use different plugins to optimize the website speed. If you can use many plugins and they can’t optimize your blog speed then you must read this article very carefully. Hey friend! This is Manish Singh from techmenia blog; in this blog post I will explain about how to setup CloudFlare free CDN. Follow these simple steps.

Setup CloudFlare Free CDN to Speed ​​Up Blog

A goal of CDN (content devilry network) is to give fast content to the user. By using CloudFlare Free CDN, you can easily activate content delivery network on your WordPress blog or Blogger and can speed up your blog.

When you activate CloudFlare free CDN by replacing the Nameserver then CDN automatically increases the speed of your blog content speed, this also improves your blog ranking.

What is the CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

Contain Content delivery network of data center different – different geographical location and when your site is a CDN network use is offered, and a reader opens your site you do that CDN network use, the nearest data your files (images from the center , static files) are served. This reduces ping, latency and thus your site loads faster. For details about CDN like its important and features then click here

How does Setup CloudFlare Free CDN Work?

You can understand through the image given below how CDN works.

setup cloudflare free cdn

How to Activate CloudFlare Free CDN on Your Blog / Website:

To enable Free CDN on Website / Blog, follow the steps given below –

  • You must have CloudFlare’s account, if not; you can register by going to
  • When you create an account on CloudFlare then “Add your Website” on it.

setup cloudflare free cdn


  • When 60 second gone, they will ask you add missing record.
  • To find the missing DNS record, visit your Cpanel> Advanced DNS records.
  • Find the Missing DNS record and add it to your CloudFlare account’s DNS setting. The orange color represent the server which is passed by cloudflare and the gray is represent the server which is directly from the webserver.

setup cloudflare free cdn

  • After adding the missing DNS, click on ‘I’ve added all lost records’ button.
  • Select the price for the CloudFlare account. I think you should choose FREE account. Then click on the ‘Continue’ button.

setup cloudflare free sdn

  • Now, from where your domain name is purchased, go to that account and replace your name server with the name server provided by CloudFlare.

That’s it, wait 24 hours after updating the name server, after which automatic CloudFlare will be enabled on your blog. You can test the speed of your blog by using Gtmetrix.

How to Setup CloudFlare free CDN WordPress

setup free cloudflare cdn

  • Go to Go to Plugins> CloudFlare
  • Enter the CloudFlare API key and enter the email id you used to sign up to CloudFlare.

setup free cloudflare cdn

If you do not use the CloudFlare plugin, CDN will still be enabled on your blog, but the security and IP address of your blog will be correct by using this plugin.

So, Friend, I have through Fast ways this article how you can active on To the point step by step to setup CloudFlare Free CDN on your Blog pointed. If you have any error and the problem you can ask for comment through.

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