Nokia 3310 4G Features and Specification

nokia 3310 4g

Nokia has been playing on our wistfulness with late telephones like the 3310 3G. Obviously, it’s been functioning admirably for them in light of the fact that the organization is currently presenting a Nokia 3310 4G rendition of the telephone in China.

Features and Specification

It’s not by any stretch of the imagination clear why Nokia (or rather, HMD Global, which procured the rights to create Nokia-marked telephones and tablets) began with a 3G adaptation of the 3310; all things considered, wistfulness for a “less complex” time ordinarily does exclude painfully moderate network. This new telephone incorporates quicker 4G speeds and can work as a Wi-Fi hotspot. It likewise has a 2 megapixel camera with a LED streak, an earphone jack, a 2.4-inch spellbound screen, Bluetooth 4.0 and 512 MB of capacity with a MicroSD extension opening. It will come in two hues, light blue and dim.

Display         Front Camera     RAM             OS                  Battery                 Rear Camera

2.40-inch        No                       256           Android            1200mAh               2-megapixel

Introducing this telephone in China bodes well, as the nation’s expansive populace is an incredible tested for new telephones. This specific model might be famous in country territories and for individuals who require a more fundamental telephone (or can’t bear the cost of one of the higher end models). There’s surely a business opportunity for telephones with less highlights, yet this one at any rate adjusts advanced speed with that natural shape factor.

Up until this point, we realize that the Nokia 3310 4G is coming to China toward the beginning of February, however we aren’t sure which different markets will get it and when. The 3G adaptation of the telephone went to the US in late October, 8 months after it was first reported universally, however a 4G refresh would be welcome. We’re likewise planning to see the 4G form in other worldwide markets.

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