How to Make Money Online Through YouTube – (Step By Step)

make money from youtube

Make Money Online Through YouTube

Everyone search for how to make money online and also they visit many of the website. These website is given to some work to the visitor for earning money. The most things you can do is referrals like generated and in this referrals link if anyone of your friend are join they give you some amount of money. Some website also given money for doing small work.
In this article we talk about one of the best method for make money online. This method is really best for everyone who want to make money online.
I’m talk about YouTube, YouTube is best way to make money online. So, how youtube can pay money for and why? The answer is simply youtube have nothing to pay. Your earning is start when you have an Google AdSense account on your youtube channel.

So, we start step by step to how they pay for us and why.

1. If you think to start an youtube channel they have only one requirement. You have first create an gmail account. Then you should simply create an youtube account without an problem. So, many of the people have face problem to choose what topic they select for channel and why. Simple answer is you can select any of them topic but before start it ask yourself you have good knowledge on this topic. If yes, then definitely your channel grow as fast.
Here are the some ideas you can start you youtube channel like comedy, tutorials, games, technology and mystery. When you create an among this type of ideas you feel that, there are many other channel also so don’t be scare. You can start work in own ways.

2. Earning through Google AdSense:

This is a program in which they simply monetize your youtube account. It is going to start giving you money a very small amount of money based on the amount of views. Google AdSense have very useful for make money from youtube. If you activate the monetization on all your videos then you will be seen that, there are ads playing in everywhere when anyone click on this ads then google have to pay you some amount of money in your youtube account. Atleast 1000 views gives you 1$. So, increase your subscriber and your viewers automatic increases.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating videos and placing affiliate links in the actual videos (via annotations) or in video descriptions.
That’s as simple as it gets. Just as you might write a blog post on “how to install WordPress” with an affiliate link to ThemeForest, for example, you can create a video showing the WordPress installation process and include an affiliate link in the description:. It is type of marketing through which you can monetize your youtube account.
This method is lifetime best method. You can use your channel or make a video n promoting, recommending and reviewing the affiliate products. They many of the e-commerce site has run affiliate programs.
So, simply go any one or more e-commerce website and find your affiliate link by creating an affiliate account. Therefore anyone of your subscriber or viewers can buy this products through your affiliate link then the company have pay you small commission on every sell through you link. Suppose you have promoting laptop whose price is 20,000 Rs. And your commission is 1000Rs approx . Then any one of you viewers can through your link you get simply 1000Rs in your account.

4. Sponsorship:

You have seen many of them film star has use products in movies. Simply they advertise the products. Therefore the owner of the product is given an high amount for this one time advertisement to actor. You can also do this type of work.
You may be submitting YouTube sponsorship proposals to more than one brand. That’s fine, but don’t send every brand copies of the same letter. The people who make decisions about sponsorships for these companies receive proposals like these every day.

When your become famous or atleast 10k subscribers of your channel you can get sponsorship of any thing like apps, promoting website etc. The earning come from this field is really good and high earning. YouTube is best way to make money online. So, how youtube can pay money for and why? The answer is simply youtube have nothing to pay.

5. Personal Products:

You can also launch a personal product in the market like books, you channel name t-shirts, and any other type of personal e-book. By selling this types of personal products you channel become more popular and famous. This income is passive income and increase day by day. Simple answer is you can select any of them topic but before start it ask yourself you have good knowledge on this topic. If yes, then definitely your products grow as fast.

So follow this stept to make money from youtube and you can increase you earning day by day. You really doing this or make a career on youtube follow this step and definitely one day you get success and those income are come from this, really you can’t imagine. If you use youtube then you definitely know about this. If you have question about youtube for making money then comment below.

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