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Facebook Can Give Money?

Many of person and teenager are use Facebook in every second. And many of the Facebook use are also search for making online. Because they don’t know to how Facebook pay money for you. Many also search for make money online and therefor they visit for many of scam website. So, in this post article we give you how to make money from Facebook for lifetime.

Facebook is vast social network site among all social sites. And many of the Facebook user have earn million of dollar for free in Facebook. So, question is that, how they earn and what is the source of earning. They earn from Facebook simply monetize their Facebook pages.

Here we give you some ideas for you Facebook page!! and make money from Facebook

1. News
2. Viral video or articles
3. Describe your city and places with pictures
5. Jokes and Funny pictures or videos
6. Knowledge based like technology, computer, hacking, science achievements, and many more.
7. Automobile technology
8. Latest gadgets
9. Health related
10. Apps or software and many more.

So, choose any of your ideas and converted into brand new facebook page.
How we start, first simply login with your Facebook account and goto on logout section menu and choose create page. Then fill and describe you page information and click on create page. When your Facebook page created then increase likes on your Facebook page. It takes sometime but don’t loose you patients because this is not one day work. If you want million of money then will have to work because nothing easily gets. So, focus and focus on your work and you will get success one day.

When you have created a Facebook page and after that the likes have also come. Then you can start the earning.
Here are list for how to make money from Facebook, follow this….

If your Facebook page have thousands of likes then you create an account on the fiverr and offer for those new Facebook page creators. The offer is that, “i will give you maximum like for your Facebook page in 1 week or 1 day” because of this you have to pay small amount of money. You can also increase Facebook page by using this method. It is good for those Facebook user whose start recently and want make money from Facebook. If you earning million of dollars in your upcoming life and this money have come for lifetime.
First things do… Create a Facebook Fan Page and increase likes on this fan page. So, question is that, which ideas base facebook page is create.

Affiliate Programs

It is type of marketing through which you can monetize your Facebook Page. This method is lifetime best method. They many of the e-commerce site has run affiliate programs. So, simply go any one or more e-commerce website and find your affiliate link by creating an affiliate account.

You can use You can use your Facebook page or any small description to promoting, recommending and reviewing the affiliate products. So, anyone buy from your affiliate link then owner of the company have pay small commission on those products which you can sell.

Direct Advertisement

This is the best method for make money from Facebook. You can directly contact for new Facebook page user and advertise their Facebook page on your page. By doing this you have charge what ever you want. The difference between direct advertisement and fiver advertisement is money because in fiver you face competition between you and other.

Video monetization

If you upload video on your Facebook page and then this video is seen by million or thousand of viewers then Facebook makes advertise on you video. So, anyone click on the advertisement then Facebook pay you some amount of money. It is just like an YouTube monetization but in YouTube you can approve google adsense for your YouTube account. But in case Facebook you only upload video and targeting the audience to see you video.

Instant Article Monetization

It is type of promoting of other website on your Facebook page. The website owner contacts your to post an articles in your Facebook page. So, it is also an type of direct advertisement. So, the owner of the website will give you money to doing this.

This is not direct link to the website because the opening of the website is take sometime and then open. But in instance article they not redirect in your website. By using Instance article you have to link your Facebook page with the website. So, this way you can easily access the articles without face any problem.


When your become famous or atleast 10k Facebook page like you can get sponsorship of any thing like apps, promoting website etc. The earning come from this fields is really good and high earning.

So, this is best method of make money from Facebook and enjoy lifetime earning and this income will increase day by day but the work will be decreases, as well as you become famous also.

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