What is Keyword Cannibalization And How To Fix It?

Keyword Cannibalization

Do you blogging? If yes, then what do you do Keyword Cannibalization? If you do not know, in today’s post I will tell you some information related to this bed which every blogger needs to know. If your posts are not ranking in Google, then this may also be the result of this.

If you are blogging, you will know what is Keyword, but every blogger needs to know about Keyword Cannibalization. Despite being a good blogger without its knowledge, you can bring your own post to the rank below SERP. You can understand how Keyword Cannibalization is to your every post, always on the 1st rank in the SERP.

Keyword Cannibalization

When you use many blog posts and articles to optimize with the same keyword and rank it in Google, it is called Keyword Cannibalization. Using more than one post of a keyword and in the article, they eat each other’s search rankings and this has a very bad effect on the blog’s SEO.

For example, let’s assume that when the most prominent candidate of a particular area (Particular Keyword) stands in the election, it is very difficult to beat. The easiest way to defeat a strong candidate is to beat him in the same area (Particular Keyword). And this will happen when 2-3 candidates (posts or articles) stand against them in the same area. In this way his vote will be divided among all these candidates. The strongest candidate, having less votes than him, will also be weakened and will not get 1st rank in the election.

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This is exactly what happens when you use a Keyword in many of your posts. The posts that are the strongest and which can easily rank in the SERP, you drop the rankings through your second post.

In this post, I will tell you how Keyword Cannibalization is bad for SEO? In addition, I will also explain how Keyword Cannibalization can be solved by explaining how you can identify in your blog. But first of all know how this rank of your post falls and why does this happen?

Keyword Cannibalization How and why the ranking of posts falls in the SERP?

When you repeatedly use the same keyword in many of your posts, to rank in the Google search engine, it means that 100% Keyword cannibalization has been solved in your blog. You are blocking the rank of Google ranking yourself in rank.

Why does this happen?

Google and other search engines show 1-2 posts for a keyword from any one domain in search results. However, if your domain authority is too high then Google can show the maximum 3 posts of your blog in the search result.

In this way you have the chances of coming to the search result of your post, you end it.

How Keyword Cannibalization puts a bad effect on SEO?

When you cannibalize the keyword itself, you start competing with your own good and rank-based post instead of competing with another blog. You keep struggling between your posts. In this way you do your own losses. To get rankings in SERP, you prepare a high quality post by working hard. Then even ranks it, but when you write the second third post on the same keyword, then the posts written by you which are ranked are automatically lowered down in the rank.

For example, we take 2 posts which are written on the same topic. Now Google gets confused about which post he will show on the high rank. And then Google seems to show the same rank on low rank in both confusion in the search result page.

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Even if you have used Focus Keyword differently in your 2 posts, but if their issues are from one and they also mean the same, the problem of Keyword cannibalization in your blog can also be in this condition.

For example, we take 2 posts in which we have placed topical online money to earn money. Let’s say the keyword of the first post is “online earning “ and the other keyword’s keyword is “earning from mobile”. Keyword is different in both of these, but these two are still the same.

In such a situation Google does not understand which post is more important for this particular keyword. And in this way Google will not be able to understand and decide which posts are kept in high rank. And then both of the posts will show up in the Google search result below.

How to Recognize or Find Keyword Cannibalization in a blog?

It is very easy to know whether the keyword Cannibalization is a problem in your blog. You have to search the keyword which you suspect that has caused this problem in your blog post. If you search for that keyword in Google then you will have more than one result show.

Now I will search here which is my keyword.

keyword cannibalization fix

You can also check the Cannibalization problem of your blog on a particular Keyword. For this, this is Formula, you can easily check it.

site: domain.com “Keyword”

This will tell you whether more than one post is cannibalized by one of your keywords. And it is easy to know that your blog is suffering from the problem of ranking or is absolutely safe.

How to Fix Keyword Cannibalization in your blog?

Have you got a complete signal that if your blog has a problem with Keyword Cannibalization, then use the formula above. With this you will confirm that Keyword Cannibalization is really or not.

1. Have you checked?
2. Is Your Blog Also Cannibalized Keyword?

If yes, then you do not even need to take tension. Why I will also let you know this solution in this post. So let us know if the problem of Keyword Cannibalization is done in the blog, then what measures should be taken so that due to the end of this problem, there is no problem in our SEO.

1. Internal Linking

Yes, this is the first solution to this problem. Internal linking but you have to know that there is the right way to do internal linking. I’ll tell you the way here how to do proper linking.

Let’s say you have 2 posts that have the same keyword. One of them posts the name A and the other is B.

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A is less important and B is more important then we will link here the more relevant (B) post link to the post (A) with less import.

In this way Google will follow that link and find out which post you want to rank higher in SERP.

Internal linking The keyword Cannibalization solves the problem. Here you have to decide which post is more important to you. What other posts would you like to rank in Google SERP In this way, you can make any choice by posting one of the posts on the Higher rank.

2 . Combining Posts

This is another way you can solve the problem of Keyword Cannibalization in your blog. In it, you have to make a single post by combining all your articles or postings that are optimized with a Keyword.

This is the best solution in most cases. Now if your two articles are written on a topic then you can combine it and convert it to an article.

This will take your post to the highest rank. Anyway Google likes Long Content too.

Note: The most important thing here is that after you combine you must redirect all the links.


Keyword Cannibalization has a great impact on growing websites. If your site is getting bigger then there are lots of chances in it. You constantly keep on writing on your favorite topic and you can not even find that this problem has happened in your blog. If there is a favorite of a topic, then many posts become similar.

So you need to take a little care here. For this, prepare a sheet and write title and keyword of each of your topics. In this way an history of your work will be created and before you write every new post, once in that history sheet you have to check whether you have written something about the new topic or not.

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If it is written, then what is explained in it. Whether you can merge new posts in the same old post or write a new post to do internal linking. In this way you can solve this problem well.

Hopefully you will have understood what Keyword Cannibalization is. Friends, if you like this post, then share it with your friends in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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