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international yoga day 2018

Nowadays, people have started aging before pollution, stress, irregular lifestyles and day-to-day life and wrinkles, nail whistles, blisters and black spots are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the problem at the earliest times.  In such a routine practice of some yoga postures you can get natural beauty, vibrant skin and physical attraction. International yoga day 2018 are celebrated on 21 june.

International Yoga Day 2018

Who does not want to look beautiful, bright skin, stubborn body, slim body, puberty on face, bright hair, and naturally beautiful? That is why nowadays there is a competition to buy expensive cosmetics at the fitness center, gym, salon, spa and MNCs.

Internationally renowned beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says that through the simple rugs of yoga, Indian Ayurvedic method, you can find permanent internal and external beauty easily. She says, “If you join yoga practice with your life, then keeping the body healthy, can be naturally sustainable and beautiful, and save expensive treatments and expensive treatments of expensive cosmetics, beauty salon. May be.

He said that every day you can maintain your youth, beauty and natural attraction for life through the daily morning and evening sun salutation, pranayama, uplift posture, kapal Bhati, Dhanur asana and breath action.

  • Pranayama:  Shahnaz Hussain, said that pranayama plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of hair and skin. With pranayam where stress is reduced, there is effective communication of life force in the body and the effect of blood increases. Natural cleansing of the human body is done by pranayama for 10 minutes daily. Pranayam also helps to prevent hair loss and to reduce the problem of hair loss.
  • Kapal Bhati And Dhanur Asan: He said, “With continuous use of uplift posture you can get permanent treatment of problems like nail, acne, black spots etc. Cleansing helps to clean the blood by removing carbon dioxide in the body. It feels light in the body. With intense posture, the effect of blood in the body increases and helps in the removal of toxic substances from the body; it causes natural skin to come in the skin of the body and also the color of the skin.

Shahnaz Hussain, famously known as Herbal Queen, said that with constant practice of yoga, the body remains with the skin for long. Yoga can be used to keep the spinal cord and joints flexible, making the body flexible and attractive for a long time. Yoga also helps in reducing body weight and makes muscles softer and soft.

  • Suryanamakar Asan: He said that yoga gets relief from fatigue and there is effective communication of energy in the body. Suryanamaskar Asan is the communication of Navyawan in the whole body. Suryanmaska ​​can prevent the effect of growing age on the body and it helps in preventing the effect of signs of old age on the face and body.

Suryanamaskar and pranayama are both effective postures to get rid of facial wrinkles.

Why we celebrate International Yoga on June 21?

The idea of ​​International Yoga Day came first to PM Narendra Modi. They had demanded to celebrate International Yoga Day. He mentioned it in the speech given in UNGA on 27 September 2014. Following on December 11, 2014, India’s Standing Representative in the UNGA, Ashok Mukherjee presented a draft proposal. A total of 177 countries agreed on this. It was a record in itself. Apart from India, leaders from other countries and spiritual gurus also supported this. Which include the Sadguru Maharaj of Isha Foundation and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living.

Modi had given a speech – Yoga is an invaluable gift from the ancient tradition of India. It symbolizes the unity of mind and body. Yoga teaches goodwill between man’s thinking, way of working, restraint, man and nature. It is not just a workout but it creates emotions about the world, nature etc. Changing our lifestyle can help in working well. Let’s work towards adopting an International Yoga Day.

21 is why Yoga Day is celebrated: Modi himself had carried on the date of June 21. He had told that this day is the longest in the Northern Hemisphere and the smallest in the Southern Hemisphere, which has different significance in different corners of the world. Shiva is said to be the first yogi (Adi Yogi). It is said that he started giving yoga lessons to the people from this day. On this day he was considered as the first guru.

Wherever now – International Yoga Day 2015 was celebrated in Rajpath in Delhi. PM Modi had done yoga in Rajpath with 35,985 people. After this, International Yoga Day 2016 was celebrated in Chandigarh. There are also a lot of people come here.

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