Intel Core i9 Explain


Intel Core i9

Technology is growing very fast. Many of them are improve our day to day life easier. So, In the previous year, Intel launches new processor which is called as Intel core i9 processor with 7th generation. They are more robust and powerful CPU and completely changed the computing experience in terms of performance. If you find generation of any processor you must seen than after the core i9 what is other number is writer, if the number is written in the of 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. This generally denotes the generation of the processors. Suppose core i9-7900X, this 7900X denotes the generation of the processor with 7th generation. This will same of the all the Core X-series.  This generation is better than other generation like Intel i3, i5, and i7.

Intel releases five variant of Intel core i9. The first was called Intel core i9-7900X which is cost about $950 to $1000 and in Indian rupees is about 80 to 90,000Rs and the second variant which is called as Intel core i9-7920X which cost is about 1lakh Rs. Other are core i9-7940X, core i9-7960X and the last core i9-7980X.

1.The first core i9-7900X has 10 cores and supports hyper-threading technology which means that you have 10 processors on single processors and acts as many logical different processors. Due to presences of 10 cores they can speed up your multitasking and multi-threading application which is simple means they have called as Megatasking.

2. Core i9-7920X has 12 cores.
3. Core i9-7940X has 14 cores.
4. Core i9-7960X has 16 cores.
5. Core i9 7680X has 18 cores.

More cores have tendency for speed up your multitasking at the single time. It has 3.3GHz clock speed which means that each core run fast as measure in clock speed.

They also support Turbo Boost with version 3.0, which means that they allow to boosting its clock speed higher than the default setting.

It has 10×1024 KB Cache Memory and all other processors generation increase by 2. This means that other series have 14MB, 16MB, and 18MB.

This high processor is not inbuilt in the common motherboard. A Special Motherboard is design which is support core i9 processors, they are called MSI X299 motherboard.

If we use this processor you can run high quality of games, high quality of graphics, and use video editing all have to done at the same time.

1. They consume power more up to 165W.
2. Buy more update version of Intel core i9 series you have pay more amount.

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