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How To Boost Immune System During The Lockdown Period

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Entire country is following lockdown period. So, i’m writing a post to How To Boost Immune System During The Lockdown Period.
The virus that has spread and lockdown everyone at home. As I told you in my last post that there is no medicine for virus. Our immune system fights with virus. For boosting our immune system, it is highly necessary to consume Vitamin C. First of all, understand that how our immune system works.

Whenever our body has any type of virus attack. We have two types of blood cells in our body RBC (Red Blood Cells) & WBC (White Blood Cells). WBC is our immune system

Why is necessary to Boost Immune System and How does WBC works?

Whenever any bacteria or virus attacks our body, WBC releases ROS. ROS means Reactive Oxygen Species. This is very strong element released by immune system that kills bacteria & deactivates virus. But the problem is that? Though all of ours immune system fights with bacteria & virus and wins most of the time.

improve immunity of a body

Then what is the necessity of consuming Vitamin C? While killing virus ROS can also damage our healthy cells as well. If our healthy cells are damaged, we can get very sick and as a result we can die easily.

Vitamin C importance for improving immune system:-

It works as a layer on our healthy cell. When our immune system is active, though it kills virus. Our healthy cells contains a layer of protection due to that they don’t get damage very easily and our immune system kills those virus. So, it is absolutely true, as we all know that thousands of people are died due to this every year. A study say that 1 Crore 70 lakh people got died due to virus attack.

What was the problem? Is their immune system wasn’t working?

There are 2 problems

  • Those who are having weaker immune system & suffering from other diseases, can die easily.
  • Who haven’t got the layer of protection on his healthy cell due to that when the immune system starts fighting with virus & in result the healthy cells also got damaged.

That person can also die. As a result we have build our immune system very strong. In our kitchen, many types of herbs easily available. This herbs can easily build your immune system so strong, if you take on daily basis and good for fast improving or boosting your immune system.

Do we have Anti-Viral Herbs?

We have lot of herbs that are Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial & owns the capacity to kill any type of virus & bacteria. I will tell you name of few herbs & you have to use them regularly. I will also tell you to how to use those herbs if you have FLU symptoms

1) Garlic (Lehsun) – We all have garlic at our home

This is one of the good Anti-Viral & strong Anti-Bacterial. It is considered to be much stronger Anti-Bacterial than Penicillin

2) Fennel Seeds (Saunf)

Initially virus attacks on our upper respiratory system. Fennel is a wonderful Anti-virus, if there is any problem in our upper respiratory system.

3) Liquorice (Mulethi)

This also owns the capacity to kill any virus when it attacks on upper respiratory system. This is one of the good herb to make our respiratory system strong

4) Ginger (Adrak) 

It is Anti-Inflammatory & has Anti-Viral properties

  • Now let me tell you how to use them and i think you can also use them regularly.
  • Take a Glass or any glass bottle (jam bottle or wider mouth glass bottle)
  • Put 1 tsp Fennel Seeds in it.
  • Take 1 Garlic Pod (Bigger one) or 2 (Small one).
  • Grate it and put it into the jar/bottle.
  • Also add same quantity of grated Ginger (as same as grated garlic) in it.

5) Basil is also a very good Anti-Viral

Especially for respiratory system, it also fights with various viruses, it has outstanding anti-cancer properties. If you possible take 7-8 basil leaves, as we all have basil plants at our home. Crush the leaves and put it into the jar.

Add 1/2 tsp Liquorice (Mulethi). Now squeeze 1 Lemon Juice in it.

How Lemon Can Improve Immunity Very Fast?

As I told you, when our immune system is going to fight with any virus. Then it will work as a protection layer for our healthy cells. So squeeze 1 lemon and add 2 tsp honey in it. Mixture it well and get the things ready. Boil 1 Cup water more than 100 degree. Once the water is boiled, add the water into bottle that contains the mixture. Close it with lid and shake it a bit. Leave it for 10 minutes so that water may get the extract of all the herbs in it. Drink this water when its warm only. Lemon is good source of vitamin c that’s why we use to boost immune system.

increase immunity

This will work as a strong anti-viral tonic. If possible you can eat the herbs like Ginger and Garlic, as it will be good. But if you are unable to eat them, you can sieve it and drink it. As the water will get all the necessary extract, if left for 10 minutes. You can use this on regular basis. Daily consuming of lemon with empty stomach can also reduce side fat naturally.

How to given this for adult and kids?

If you will give 1/2 cup of this mixture twice in a day to any elderly person at your house. It will work as a good naturopathic antiviral. If you Give 1 tsp twice a day to kids then it is good to fight with any kind of virus.

There is one more herb, if our body is strong then we can fight with any type of virus. And looking at today’s situation, Indian ginseng (Ashwagandha) is one of the best herb.


Take 1 tsp Indian ginseng powder with warm water at night. If you take 1 tsp of Indian ginseng powder then it will boost immune system strong and gives you strength. When you will get strength then you can fight with any kind of virus. If you will do Pranayama under sunlight, go to your roof top(due to lockdown).

Sun light itself works as an anti-viral. If you will do Pranayama at this time, every organs of your body will get oxygen. Do Anuloma-Viloma, Kapal-Bhati, do some deep-breathing as its very good for your respiratory system. If your body is working in right manner, getting right amount of oxygen & blood supply. Then there is no virus can harm you.

Do one more thing, whenever you are coming from outside. Normally virus attacks on our Upper Respiratory System.

  • Take steam by boiling some mint leaves, ginger in water.
  • Do deep breathing.
  • Hold the breath until your nasal track, throat & lungs could feel the warmth.
  • Doing this way will give you inner warmth within 5-7 minus through this warmness.
  • The attacking speed & the multiplication speed of the virus that become slow and till then our immune system fights and stop the multiplication of virus.

So do follow all these points and stay healthy. We wish that you stay healthy, busy, relax and stay connected with us. I will mention all the details about to boost immune system very fast and naturally. I will come you very soon with our another new post. I hope this virus this gone as soon as possible and we will enjoy our life as previously enjoy.

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