How To Implement Google AMP | Complete Guide Setup

Implement Google AMP

Hello friends how are you As I mentioned in the previous post, what is AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages? And what is the significance for its website? At the same time, we had to know that what is the use and loss of us by its use? In this post we will learn how we can do Implement Google AMP by installing Accelerated Mobile Pages in our WordPress website.

Implement Google AMP

Today’s 70-80% of people use their smartphones to browse. Since the internet plan has become cheaper in our country, almost everyone has access to the Internet in the Smartphone. Since the launch of Jio, internet usage in India has increased greatly compared to other countries.

So, to extract information that is most commonly used by Mobile Smartphone. If you are a blogger and you want more traffic than for your blog, then of course you have to target that Mobile Traffic. The Competition is also going to grow significantly for traffic coming from Smartphones.

Why the Implement Google AMP Is Important For Websites?

According to Google’s survey, if the Website / Blog is more than Load Time 3rd Second, So 50-60% goes back to Traffic Page and then goes back. Solution of this problem has also been removed by Google which we know as Google AMP.

Bloggers use it, which seriously understand its importance. The Google AMP Rank is also done very quickly by implementing the website. The Blog / Website’s Loading Time is a lot of work from Implement Google AMP.

This is because why the AMP version only shows Main Content of the pages of Website / Blog. With this, Page Size gets a lot of work and loads into the page Fraction Of Second.

How to Identify AMP Version of Website / Blog?

When we search on Google to find any of our information, we can easily identify it in the Google search result. In the Google Search result, it is available with the special symbol, the Lightening Fast Symbol amp implementation symbol.

From the image shown below, you can learn how we can easily identify AMP Implementation Pages.

implement google amp
Step by Step Method for Implement Google AMP in WordPress Website

Setting up AMP in WordPress Website / Blog is quite easy.

For this, we do not need to do much more than just use a plugin.

  • You have to open your “WordPress Dashboard” then click in “Plugins” and then select “Add New”.
  • After entering the search box type AMP and then “Activate Plugin” it by installing.
  • Now you can click on AMP and open its “Dashboard”.
  • Here you can do all kind of settings related to AMP such as Setting – Design – Extension.

We will learn to set them one by one. Setup Amp in your blog as per the setting shown in the image.

setup amp in wordpress

When we open the AMP’s Dashboard, we get 2 options to set up.

One would be for the “New User” and the Second option is for the “Experienced User”.

wordpress amp installation

So basically we have to proceed with selecting “New User”.

When the new user option is opened, we will start setting up But you set the image which I am showing you above, follow this to you. Here we will first open the Setting Tab and under this, go to General and set the Logo Shape and Size.

And besides this, we will also choose what to show in the AMP page like Post, Category & Tags, Homepage, Pages etc.


In this we usually import the setting of Seo. If you use Yoast Seo Plugin in advance, then you will get the option of importing Yoast’s setting in AMP, such as Meta Tags etc.

setting general amp


We must use some Push Notification Plugin to stay connected to our Blog visitors and send them every notification. So if you also use One Signal like me, you will have to add its ID here. With AMP implementation, we can send latest updates in the same way to our visitors.

amp installation

SETTING – PUSH Notification

Here you are given the option of Theme Selection. From which you can use the theme of your choice for your AMP page.

amp nodification

Most of you will get premium themes, but you do not even need to take a tension. Why 3 Themes gives you AMP Plugin in Free too.

DESIGN – Themes

With this help you can choose what you want to show in Page.

select themes in amp

In spite of having a slide, such as Social Sticky Icons which will always remain visible in Bottom. Also we can enable Next Previous. Related Posts can also enable us from here

DESIGN – Single

This plugin is very important if you want to increase traffic to your Website / Blog.

google amp implementation

And if you are losing your visitors due to the slow website speed. Even then you will benefit greatly from using it.

So friends, if you like this post then please share it. And help this blog move forward. I will always be writing this kind of helpful post for you. If you have any kind of problem in its setup then you can tell in the Comment Box. I will do my best.

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