How to Install WordPress Via FTP Client – Step By Step(With Picture)

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Follow Steps To Easy Install WordPress In FTP

When you Install WordPress through FTP then follow this steps for easy installation. If you are building a website or blogging then your should also read this. The benefits of installing WordPress through FTP it was know about which things you created and protect your website from brute force attacks or hacking.

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Before starting to install WordPress, you need a couple of things:
• A domain name and web hosting
• WordPress software

A Domain name and Web Hosting

The first step is choosing a domain name ( and web hosting. There are a lot of
sorts of web hosting. In most cases the registration of the domain name is included with the web
hosting. If you’re just starting with WordPress, then I advise you to go for shared web hosting. If you read more about Domain and Hosting.

WordPress software – You can download WordPress for free at

Step by step installation
WordPress is famous for its “5 minutes installation” (sounds great, isn’t it?)

Step 1: Upload the WordPress software
After you downloaded WordPress and unpacked the zip file, you have to upload WordPress through
FTP to your web hosting. Normally you don’t have to create an extra folder, unless you want WordPress to be installed in a subfolder.

If you’re new to FTP, be sure to read this short FTP tutorial on

Step 2: Start the installation
In your web browser, visit the url where you installed WordPress. In most cases this will be something

Step 3: Create a configuration file
In this screen you’ll see next message:

Click the “Create a Configuration File” button.

You should also know about vs

It’s possible that WordPress can’t create the configuration file. When you experience this problem,
search for wp-config-sample.php on your web space. Just make a copy of wp-config-sample.php
and rename it to wp-config.php. Now try again.

Step 4: Welcome message
The next screen is a welcome message. It also reminds you to the fact that you need all the
information you got from your web host.

Step 5: Fill In The Database Connection Details
In the following screen you need to fill in the database connection details:

The following fields have to be filled in:
Database Name: the name of your database
User name: the MySQL username
Password: the MySQL password
Database Host: by default this is localhost (only change this if you have anoter database server from
your web host)
• Table Prefix: by default this is “wp_” but for security reasons it’s better to fill in another table
Click the “Submit” button to proceed.

If you see this screen, your database connection details are ok:

Click the “Run the install” button to start the installation of WordPress.

Step 6: Fill in the Basic Information
In the following screen you have to fill in some basic information.

• Site title: fill in the title of your blog or website.
• Username: choose a username. By default “admin” is filled in but for security reasons I advise
you to choose another username. This makes it harder for hackers to guess your administrator
• Password, twice: fill in a password. For security reasons, pick a strong password that’s not
easy to guess!!
• Your E-mail: fill in a valid e-mail.
• Allow my site to appear in search engines like Google and Yahoo: select this so your website
can be found and indexed by search engines.
Click the “Install WordPress” button after you filled in the needed information.
Step 7: installation completed

That’s it!
Click the “Log In” button to get access to the back office where you can manage WordPress.
Web host with a pre-installed version of WordPress.
As you can see, installing WordPress is very easy. But there are some companies offering web hosting
with a WordPress 1-click-installation. This makes it even easier to install WordPress!
Another option is managed WordPress hosting. In this case, WordPress will already be installed,
together with a selection of plugins.

If you face any problem please comment. I should solve as soon as possible.

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