How to Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website

Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website

Every blogger wants to speed up your website. And then search on Google ” Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website” but different sites give different directions. This is beyond the perception of many. In this post, we will tell that non technical person will also be able to increase the speed of your blog.

Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website

As a blogger, everybody wants their website’s page speed to be overloaded and they load faster on mobile and desktop. According to a study, if your blog does not load in 2-3 seconds, then 50% of the user runs away from him. That is why it is very important to have your blog loaded fast.

If you want to Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website, first you have to know why your website is slow. With that you can find out some tools.

Top 3 Free Tools for Testing

There is a lot of tools available on the internet for the speed test of the website, if something is free, then some are Paid. In this post we will look at the free tool. With the help of these tools, you can find out the following.

  • Check the speed of any page of the blog.
  • Along with the speed, it will also suggest you which things you need to improve.
  • If you improve page speed, then your ranking also needs to be improved.
  • After increasing page speed your bounce rate will decrease and page view will increase.
Google Website Speed ​​Test

Google Page Speed ​​Tool is the best tool that Google’s developers have created. It’s totally free. Here we have 100 marks, in which if your blog takes 85 marks then it will show in Green Color. Here you have to take care of ten points. Which Google gives you points

GTmatrix Tools

The GTmatrix Tool is a free tool. This gives the speed of your website grade in grade. It does not tell you the speed of the page, but it gives you 30 Factor judges and tells you what’s wrong. You slower website will tell you why your site is slow and what is the implementation.

Pingdom Tool

Pingdom offers a Website Monitoring Service in which it offers the Page Speed ​​tool free. It tells you the speed of the website and shows performance report. If you want pingdom to monitor your website, you can buy this service from them.

Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website

Now that you have come to know that why the speed of the website is low, then it is possible that the Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website then you need some plugins that can help you to speed up the blog. Those plugins are the following.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): In this solution, I wrote an article that reads it in a humorous way. How to Implement Google AMP WordPress Site? By using these you will improve the SEO of your blog, along with the speed of the website will also be magnified. At this time if you check that link, the page will load very fast. 81/100 on mobile and 89/100 on desktop. These scores are good enough. One thing more over optimization is left out

Google Webfont Optimizer: With the help of this plugins, you can speed up your speed by optimizing the CSS font created by google font.

Speed ​​Booster Pack: With the help of this you can solve a lot of difficulties. for example …

  • Main plugin options
  • Move scripts to the footer
  • Load JS from Google Libraries
  • Deferred parsing of java script files
  • Remove query strings
  • Lazy
  • Removes excess
  • Remove junk header tags
  • Remove RSD Link
  • Remove WordPress Short link
  • Remove Adjacent Posts Links
  • Remove Windows Manifest
  • Remove the WordPress Version
  • Remove all RSS feed links

The compression level of the image can be reduced from here. 50 is recommended 90 is default.

WP Super Cache: If you live on Share Host then you will need a Cache. What is the low of the cache? If you are an old blogger then you would know about this, but what is new to me is the meaning of the cache that I mean. Any visitor always comes to your blog, and the cache work happens that your page contains that browser keeps it safe. Because of which again when the visitor comes in, the page is fast loading.

Cache’s work preserves your browser’s image, CSS file, javascript and more. Although there are many sari cache plugins available but Wp Super Cache is easy to use that a common human being can easily do so.

Cloudflare: Using this you can provide enough speed to your blog. Your site does not come from one place to another, it means that you have taken your hosting server and this is a visitor to your blog. From India, your blog will be slow for India.

But if you do it by cloudflare, then it keeps your blog’s cache file on your server and provides the data that is near to your server that lets your blog load faster.

You must be sure to comment on your WordPress website by using to Increase the Page Speed of WordPress Website. If you have liked this post, then share it with your friends on social media.

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