How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress

Hello Mania, today we will talk about Google Analytics and learn more about what is Google Analytics, what are the benefits of add Google Analytics to wordpress blog, how you can create your account on Google Analytics, and how you can put Google in your WordPress blog Can you add Analytics?

Add Google Analytics To WordPress

If you are a blogger then Google analytics is a free tool for a lot of work to help you learn more about your visitors and your blog. Simply put, you can monitor and track your blog with the help of Google analytics.

Such as where are the visitors coming to your blog and using which keywords. What posts visitors like on your blog etc. Let’s know what you can learn by add Google Analytics to WordPress blog.

Benefits of Adding Google Analytics to WordPress Blog
  • In the current time, how many visitors live on the blog are you reading your blog?
  • Visitors are coming to blog using what device (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • What posts are being posted on the Visitors blog, and how long to stay up to date on the blog.
  • Visitors have come from which country, state or city.
  • Visitors are using which browser and which screen resolution size are using.

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  • Where to visit from social sites on blogs, from search engines or from any other website
  • One year, one month, 1 day, or how many page views and users came in at a custom time in Blog.
  • What is the blog’s bounce rate, that is how long the visitors visit your site.
  • Which post is open on blog and which post is more or less open?
  • In addition to the points mentioned above, you can learn more with the help of Google analytics, but this is to connect Google Analytics with
  • your blog first and then easily monitor and track your blog.

You can combine Google Analytics with your YouTube channel, WordPress blog, Google blogger blog and any custom website, and for that you first need to create an account for that site or blog on Google Analytics.

After creating a Google analytics account, you will find a tracking id or tracking script from which you have to copy and paste it into your blog, channel or website, and add it to your site or blog analytics.

How to Create an Account on Google Analytics for WordPress Blog?

Step 1: First click on this link to open Google Analytics. If you have not gmail login to the browser, you will open a login page on which you can login and enter your information.

Step 2: Now you will come to the page of Google analytics and now you have to click on the signup button.


Step 3: Now you will see a form where you have to fill the information about the blog. I have explained in the image below what information we need to enter when creating an account on Google Analytics.

a) First you have to type Account Name in it You can also type your company name or your name as I entered my name Manish Singh.

b) After that you have to type the name of your blog as I entered my blog name Techmenia.


c) Then you have to type the URL of your blog. Just remember that you do not want to include http: // or https: // in your URL, you have to select from the select box in front of you.

d) Select your blog category after that, meaning that your blog is related to the topic.

e) After that you have to select your country’s reporting time zone.

f) Now you can see Data Sharing Settings, let’s click on all its checkboxes.

g) Now click on the Get Tracking ID button. After clicking on the Get Tracking ID button you will open Google analytics terms of service agreement and click on the I Agree button.


Step 4: Now you will come to the page where you will find your tracking id and tracking script. By using one of these you can connect your blog or website to Google Analytics. Let’s now learn how you can add Google analytics to WordPress blog.

How to Add Google Analytics  to WordPress Blog Tracking Code?

So far you have learned what Google analytics is, how will it benefit from add Google analytics to wordpress blog, and then we learned how to create an account for your blog on Google Analytics and we created a Google analytics ID after creating the account. Also found it.

Now to add Google analytics to your WordPress blog or I can connect or say to install, all you have to do is add that Google analytics tracking code to your WordPress blog. Let’s step by step learn how to do this.

Step 1: First of all you copy the Google analytics website tracking code by selecting it.


Step 2: Now you have to login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Appearance -> Editor and click on Theme Header file header.php.

Now you have to paste the analytics website tracking code that you copied before the closing head tag </ head> and then clicking on Update file button, save the changes.


Now in your WordPress blog, Google analytics is successfully added and you can see the information of your blog visitors on Google analytics website or mobile.

Important: Google Analytics Not Showing Visitors Information

I have heard from many bloggers that Google analytics is not showing any information on their blog, then Techmenia have only one reason that the Google analytics tracking code has been removed from your WordPress blog.

Now you might be wondering how it can be done automatically, it happens when you either change the theme of your blog or update your current theme. In both cases, your website tracking code will be deleted and you will be again Need to add your tracking code to.

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Adding a tracking code again does not mean that once you have to create your own account on Google Analytics, all you have to do is log in to analytics account first.

You can then click on the admin (gear icon) by clicking on the tracking code in the Tracking information and then copy your tracking code and add it to the header.php file again and click on the update file button to save the changes. .

Hello Mania, I hope you like this “How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress”. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then comment below and share this post with your friends.

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