How to Fix Index Coverage Issue In Search Console (Step by Step)

fix indexes coverage issue

Google has recently introduced a Beta version of its Search Console tool in which the webmaster can easily find out about their site statics and content indexing. Today in this article, we will discuss about to fix Index Coverage Issue (Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’). Many of my readers are face this problem and they unable to solve it. In this blog post if you follow the step as i am saying then you will fix index coverage issue is solve.

After the Beta version of the Search Console Tool is launched Google is warning every webmaster about index Coverage Issue Detected via

Fix Index Coverage Issue

If Google has detected and emailed this Index Coverage Issue on your site then do not ignore it. It may badly affect your website SEO and Search Engine ranking. Here we are going to discuss how to fix Index Coverage Issue Detected with you.

How to fix Index Coverage Issue Detected in Google Search Console Tool

  • First log in to your Webmaster tool.
  • Then click on the status >> Index coverage >> Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’.

fix index coverage issue

  • Here Google will provide 4 ways (Test Robots.txt Blocking, Fetch as Google, View as Search Result, Submit to Index) to fix your affected URLs as you can see in the screenshot.

google search console index error


If you are a WordPress User, You Can Easily Fix Index Coverage Issue With the Help of Yoast SEO Plugin:

  • After receiving the Affected page (URL), login to your WordPress site.
  • Then navigate to the Affected page (URL) and click edit post.
  • After that click on the Yoast SEO settings section and click on the GEAR icon and also from the “Yes” and “Should Search engines follow links on this post?”
  • From the drop-down menu of “Allow search engines to show this Post in search results?” Select “Yes”. You can see in screenshots below.

yoast seo

  • After doing this, please update your post and repeat this process for the affected pages. After changing the Meta robots index, submit the sitemap again.
  • Your Success Indexes Issue has been fixed.

The main cause of the Index Coverage Issue Detection in Webmaster may also be that you have placed the tag and category on your site by Noindex as you can see in the screenshot,

But for him XML sitemap has been created, it can also cause Index Coverage Issue Detection. You can see in the screenshot below,
So if you do your tag and category to Noindex, then select Not in Sitemap in the XML sitemap or select both index and In sitemap.

You can comment for any questions or suggestions related to this article. If you like to fix Index Coverage Issue Detection in Search Console Tool. You have any query about this post please mention below. Do not forget to share it and subscribe it.

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