How to Download Android P Beta And Install on Phone

Download Android P Beta

Download Android P Beta and Install on Android Phones – Google has launched Android Version “O” that was Oreo 8.0 that is the same, Google has now launched the new version of Android “P”. While so many users are waiting for Oreo’s updates yet, many users want to see it after the arrival of Android Version P.

Download Android P Beta And Install It

Google has introduced it in the Developer Preview version which you can now install on your phone.

You have to manually install Android version P on your phone, because there is no update yet. Google has released an Image File to download it, with the help of which you can download directly from a link given by Google to your phone or PC, after which you can install Android P on your phone with the help of your PC. Are there.

Although Google has not released the Android “P” for all phones at this time, these are just available for some selected phones. So let’s understand How to download android p beta and install on my latest smart android phone.

How to Android P Download and Install –

Google has released Android P only in the factory version, which means you have to install Android P in your phone with the help of Bootloader, for which you have to enable your Developer option in your phone and unlock Bootloader . Before you?

To download Android P Beta on your PC or Laptop, which is about 1.5 GB in size Click here to download it.

Developers Mode to the first On-

To install Android P on your phone, first you have to enable the developer option in your phone. Which will be found in the About section of your phone settings.USB debugging mode

After coming to the About section of the phone, you see the Built Number here on which you will have to click about 6-8 consecutive times. After that there will be a message on your phone screen that your developer mode is enabled.

When it’s written on your phone, when you go back to the settings again, here you will see the option of Developers Mode. Click on Developer Options.

Turn USB debugging on –

Once the developer mode is turned on, you click on it, after clicking on it you have to turn on debugging, if this option was on top of many phones, then just coming down a bit on a phone you can find this option. Have to turn on.

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Note: – Keep in mind that when you install Android “P” Developers Preview on your phone, all the data on your phone will be deleted such as – Contact Details, Photos, Videos. Your phone will look just like new. So before proceeding to do anything on the phone, take a full backup of your data and proceed.

How To Install Android P –

Now you have to first transfer your phone to the computer via the firmware downloaded image file downloaded on the computer. After that, you must unlock the bootloader in the phone before you install the Android P’s factory image file. For this, you must press and hold the Power button and Volume Button on your phone after which your phone’s bootloader menu will be opened.

Now connect your phone to a PC or Laptop so that you can accomplish this task, after connecting it will ask for access from you which you have to give access by OK.

Follow the given steps Follow –

  • After this you have to give commands to ./adb devices.
  • After that, run the ./adv reboot bootloader in the bootloader menu
  • Now a list will appear in your phone which contains Bootloader Unlock in Cupo Lock State Devices.
  • After the bootloader unlock, you have to uncompressed it by going to the Factory Image File of Android P
  • Then open ./fastboot devices and click on ./fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader file] .img
  • Now on your phone screen, Command Prompt or Dialogue Box after which you have to click on the ./fastboot reboot-bootloader then you reboot the phone.
  • After the phone has been rebooted, click on .Fastboot flash radio [radio file]. Click on Img to update your phone’s radio.
  • After this . Click on the Fastboot reboot-bootloader. You will see the System Image as soon as you click here
  • Now click on Fastboot-w update [image file] .Zip and then your phone will upgrade to Android’s latest version P

Now you can enjoy the latest version of Android. Despite being in the Developers Preview, though there are still some bugs in it. So, that your phone may be slow. Right now the Pixels are currently available for phones, but very soon Google will launch it on the international platform. After which it will probably be available for all phones.

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