LCD vs LED comparison

Difference Between LCD vs LED | Head To Head Comparison

Hello readers! in this post ours we will explain the basic difference between LCD vs LED. After reading whole the article you will able you the right choose for your requirement. So, stay with this techmenia post.


What is the difference between LCD vs LED: You will have heard about LED vs LCD very often. Ever wondered what is the LCD TV and LED TV or screen and what is the difference between the two. Both LCD vs LED screens are liquid crystal display. There are two layers of glass in any LCD display, which are polarized and interconnected.

In order to display on the television picture, liquid crystals pass or block. The point to note in this is that crystals do not produce any light because light then comes with lots of lamps on the back of the screen. The LCD screen has a light source * fluorescent lamps while the LED screen has a light source light emitting Diodes (LED).

Fluorescent Lamps: Low weight mercury vapor lamp which uses fluorescence to deliver visual light.

LCD vs LED Difference: –

Technologies: Full form of LCD is the full form of Liquid Crystal Display and LED is Light Emitting Diode. Both of these technologies are major of the Display technologies, which are the most popular and most used on today’s date. The LED display is called the advancement of the LCD display.

Backlight: LED display in a way “LCD display with an LED backlight” which comes in to power the LCD panel. This means that the LEDs are placed behind and behind the LCD panel so that the video definition of the monitor screen can be increased. Cold cathode lights come in use for backlight of LCD displays. The complete concept in LED displays is the same, only this backlight feature has been replaced by LEDs.

There are two types of way are use in the LED to give back light to the screen: edge lighting and full array lighting (with or without local dimming).

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Contrast difference: Contrast and black level LCD screen is better than LCD because the liquid crystals can not stop the backlight of 100% of the cold cathode backlight and when the black screen is shown on the monitor it is not completely black But LED screens show the black screen without any difficulty because there is no backlight on it.

LED Screen uses less power than LCD, gives a brighter display, thin screen or panel thin and generates less heat. LED screen uses light-emitting diodes for back-lighting compared to LCD. You can say “LED-back-light LCD screen” if you want to say technically correct name without speaking the LED display.


I hope you find which technology among LCD vs LED is suitable for you. This the short, simple but powerful difference i will show you. If you have to choose from LCD vs LED screen or TV, then you should choose the LED because LED TVs give better picture quality while using advanced technology but it is a bit costlier than LCD.

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