Does Creatine Causes Kidney Damage?


Really Creatine Causes Kidney Damage

Many of the sports persons and fitness lover always confused about the creatine supplement. The main question is always asked does consumption of creatine causes kidney damage. In this articles we will discuss all truth about how is to be kidney damage and what precaution is to be used for secure kidney health. I have already an article about what is creatine and how much we take. But many of people are ask it really consumption of creatine causes  kidney damage. Creatine is the nothing but is the nutrients that will produced in the body. This is not a supplement it is the type of nutrients which is very important for our body. When we take creatine they initially interact with our metabolite (break down product) and produced the waste product are known as creatinine. This is measured in urine.

Why Kidney Is To Be Damage?

You all known that kidney is that organs which is filter the waste products from body and also regulated the blood pressure and maintain the electrolyte balance. Kidney also helps for production of red blood cell.
When you consume creatine then creatinine is produce which is the form of waste product. Simply means that it is the chemical waste product of creatine. Kidney function is that is to be filter out the waste product from what we take. If you take creatine much amount the creatinine is also produce very large amount. So, this will disturbed the kidney functions and if you increase further consumption of creatine that is to be kidney damage.

Then how much creatine is safe? Avoid your fitness trainer what they say and also avoid the dosages which is mention on the creatine pack supplements. Generally our body produces 1% of creatine from normal food. This percent of creatine is only required for normal person who is can’t do anything like athletes, bodybuilder and fitness lover or gym lover.

When the creatinine level is very high then it’s tends to the CKD which is stand for chronic kidney disease. This disease can cause major health problem like coma, seizures and sometimes it’s tends to be death.

How Water Help For Secure Kidney Damage?

When we consume creatine they want water and also decrease the water level which is called as dehydration. If we consume creatine, then must be drinking at least 3-5 liters of water per day. This water helps you to filter the creatine waste which is called as creatinine and outflow through urine. If we drinking the water what the amount I have mention above your kidney is not damage.
The water level is low in your body then even you are consuming the creatine your kidney can also be damage. So, creatine is not responsible for kidney damage.

Symptoms for Creatine Side Effects:

Body Pain
Stomach Pain

If you consume creatine and any of the symptoms occurs then please stop using and decreases the amount of creatine from pervious dosage. The best way to take creatine is mixed with your protein shake power and take. When we use first time of creatine then don’t mixed with milk. You can mixed with water and consume with for 10 days if no side effects occur then you go with the milk.


The summary of the article is creatine can’t damage kidney if you use proper way. Creatinine is the chemical waste product which is form of creatine. This waste product is balance then creatine consumption never creates any problem. Take much more amount of water to protect from dehydration. Water can help to outflow of creatinine through urine.

I hope this article is useful for and solve your problem about creatine causes kidney damage. If you satisfied with this article then please comment below and any other problem regarding this you can free to ask in the comment box. Any suggestion or query regarding this please comment.

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