How To Create Your Own App Without Any Coding Skills

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Create Your Own App For Free

Everyone want’s to create your own app without any coding skills but there was a time when mobile application development was only for the elite programmer (i.e. people who knew the native platform language). With the dawn of hybrid mobile application technology, it was possible to create mobile applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Hybrid application development made it possible for non-mobile developers to get their hands dirty with mobile app development.
But what about those people who don’t have any prior programming knowledge? Can they make a mobile applications on their own?
So, those are interested to create your own app without any coding skills. Check out the free App Builders Application which is easily available in google platform or store.

1. Nativ

To get started with Native, sign up for a free account.
You can start create you own app by choosing a template for the app. After choosing the template you should be presented with a screen with two tabs, Design and Features.

Layout, background image, font and logo can be modified under the design tab. Under the features tab you can select from a list of different streams that can be added to your app. Nativ has streams like facebook, twitter, PDF reader etc. Some streams like WordPress and Chat should be available soon.
Once you have complete to create  your own app, you should be able to see a preview on the right side of the screen. When you are finished, click the finish the app button.
By default nativ publishes the app under their own developer account but you can also publish under yours.

2. Bubble

Build a fully functional web app without any code.

The goal of Bubble is to make make programming obsolete with its visual programming tool that allows you to build web and mobile applications without any code. The intuitive drag and drop builder allows you to easily add page elements like: text, videos, maps, icons, images, buttons, and more. Everything is customizable, down to font colors, icons, and the visibility of various elements based on what’s going on in the app you design.

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The workflow-based programming enables you to define exactly what happens, action by action. You can define your own data structures, build your your logic (e.g. if the user click on X button while logged in, do Y; otherwise, do A), and allow your users to upload their own content. Hybrid application development made it possible for non-mobile developers to get their hands dirty with mobile app development.

Bubble also connects to a bunch of other popular services, like MailChimp (to auto-subscribe users to your mailing lists) and Mixpanel (to track activity on your app, including who your users are and what they do). This is a fantastic tool for those who are looking to launch a website or app seamlessly. The tool is completely free to build; you only pay for it once your audience starts to grow. This will definitely help to create you own app in any platform and easily manage it.

3. Appy Pie

To get started with Appy Pie, sign up for an account and sign in. Once signed in you should see a link to create a new app.

Creating an app using Appy Pie is a 3 step process:
1. select a category
2. build your app
3. publish.
Start building an app by entering a name and selecting a category. Based on the category it will have some default splash and background images which you can change later.
Once on the second page, you have the options to add pages to your app, style your app and change the app navigation. This is another great tool for create you own app to make your app fully work.

4. Pixate

Design native moblie app prototypes without code.

Pixate is a great tool to use if you’re looking to build a 100% native prototype so you can experience your ideas on a device as though you would if they were real. You can add interaction and animation to your design with just a few clicks, all without any code.
This is a beloved tool used by designers who want to validate ideas quickly without building out an actual native mobile app to create your own app. It will fundamentally change the way you prototype and test. Highly recommended if you’re looking to launch or optimize an app in the near future.

5. Tilda Publishing

Build beautiful website and tell stories without any code.

Tilda is a website building platform geared toward content-oriented sites. There are over 170 pre-designed blocks that enable you to drag and drop your way toward a fully customizable website. All pages you create with this tool are built to look great across all devices.
The pages are definitely optimized to be visually beautiful, with a focus on typography and imagery that will delight your visitors—and also look beautiful and rich. And, if you’re looking to optimize your site, you can build compelling call-to-action pages, connect your Google analytics account, and make your page search engine friendly.


I hope this article is helpful for you. If you face any problem to create you own app. Please comment me below. I will solve your problem as soon as possible.

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