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When we talking about the chips or card which is present in CPU vs GPU and why they prefer among one. Many of the people are always confuse with this question “what is the basic difference between the CPU and GPU and which is best for my computer”. So, in this article we will discuss all about the basic different between CPU and GPU and which one you get. When you buy any laptop or desktop, the seller always says that “you should that computer which contains external graphic card” this means that they prefer for buying GPU which is called Graphical Processing Unit and CPU called Central Processing Unit.

What is CPU?

A CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a general purpose processor. They can perform any computation function with the real time. They can design in which manner to perform any task like image editing, arithmetic calculation, video playing etc. CPU can use for playing low graphics games. They also called brain of the computer. It is a collection of millions of transistors that be manipulated to perform an awesome variety of calculations. They have many other big features like it is capable to run multiple programs at a time.

What is GPU?

A GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is an extraordinary purpose processor. They can improve the counts generally (and over and again) required PC designs, especially SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data) activities. It is has a tendency to be card (Strictly talking the GPU would be a chip on this card) or chip on the motherboard (or even part of CPU).This is only responsible for performing a special type task like playing high graphics video games, video editing, and designing the software. In the market the two types of GPU is available which is called AMD and Nvidia.


PerformancePerform Large of Different Task at one Time(Performance is good)Performance is High because they perform single task at a time
CoresFew CoresHundred  of Cores
MultitaskingSupportNot Support
Power EfficiencyLessHigh
PriceComparison lessHigh
High Graphics GamesNot SupportedSupported
Visual Effects (Video Editing)Less Supported (Bad Quality)Highly Supported (High Quality)


CPU and GPU have perform same purpose but in different manner. If you are gaming lover or video editing for your YouTube channel then you should go with GPU. But if you are not affording GPU due to their high price then you should buy CPU with contains less GB of Graphics Card.

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