Black Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Black Hat SEO

Most of the people are created website every day. When the website is ready to launch then they think “how my website is rank good” in the search result. So, they use the techniques called SEO. They do good SEO for ranking faster in search engine. SEO techniques are generally two types which are called as Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO. In this article we will discuss all about what is Black Hat SEO. The Black Hat SEO is not good. Black Hat SEO can boost your website for some time and increasing your website ranking in the search engine. But the search engine like google, yahoo, and Bing can block your website. Because google webmaster is always discard these Black Hat SEO techniques.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

In this SEO techniques, the creator of website are generally spamming on the search engine. This technique can increases your website ranking for some time. If the search engine found that, whatever you do on your website with the help of their algorithms. They can block your website permanently. These techniques are not considered with the professionals bloggers. Many of the Black Hat SEO techniques are mention below:

  1. Pingback Spam

In the pingback spam is used to create multiple URLs by using some scripts and nodify the search engine. This is different from other.

  1. Cyber Squaring

This involves the domain registration of a trademarked name and either used to redirect traffic to a site of one’s own choosing or to otherwise post promotional content.

  1. Typosquatting

This involves purchasing a domain name that is a misspelling of a competitor’s brand name and redirecting traffic from it to one’s own site.

  1. Cookie Stuffing

Professionals utilize this method when they put treats on a client’s PC without their insight.

  1. Social Networking Spam

Practitioners may flood social networks with spam comments promoting their website and/or target specific users on social networks for e recipients of these messages.

  1. Page Swapping

Some practitioners swap the content of a high-performing page with content from a low-performing one.

  1. Sybill Attack

A Sybill assault is the fashioning of different characters for malevolent aim named after the popular various identity issue persistent Sybill. A spammer may make various sites at various space names that are connected to each other. For example, counterfeit squares known as spam pieces spam pieces.

  1. Buying Expired Domains

Some link spammers monitor DNS records for domains that will expire soon, and then buy them when they expire and replace the pages with links to their pages. However Google resets the link data on expired domains

  1. Page Hijacking

It is accomplished by making a line duplicate of a mainstream site which demonstrates substance like the first to a web crawler yet diverts web surfers to random or noxious sites.

  1. Mirror Websites

This is the type of website in which similar website with different contents. A mirror site is the hosting of multiple websites with conceptually similar content but using different URLs. Some search engines give a higher rank to results where the keyword sourced for appears in the URL

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